Monday, December 01, 2014

News to Use

According to the New York Times, this year's Black Friday shopping extravaganza was down. Were retailers greedy? Yes! Retailers and Wall Street worshippers always want bigger and better profits. This year it just didn't happen.

With so much attention given to expanded shopping hours, stores remaining open through the holiday, and employees forced to give up family time to work, the end result is shoppers just didn't respond to the retail kidnapping of the holiday. 

>  A Republican staffer that made critical remarks about the Obama daughters is resigning today.


Republican party staffer Elizabeth Lauten told NBC News she is "resigning today" after making controversial comments about Sasha and Malia Obama, according to NBC News.....

Wow. What took Ms. Lauten so long to resign?

>>>The Toledo Blade article suggesting Gov. Kasich as a presidential candidate made me want to puke.  Kasich, the notorious anti-teacher, anti-police & firefighter, anti-public school, anti-women's rights, does not belong in the presidential arena. His enormous ego and corporate-loving giveaways are just too much to bear.