Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ohio's Latest News

A new poll from PPP shows that the races for Ohio governor and state secretary of state are tightening.  Democrat Ed Fitzgerald is tied with current Gov. Kasich, while Democrat Nina Turner leads Jon Husted by one point in the latest PPP poll.

There could be various reason why so many people are turning against Ohio Republicans. Kasich has signed restrictive laws on women's rights, school funding, access to voting, and stands in opposition to marriage equality.

Republican Jon Husted continues to go out of his way to cut voting days and hours, and make it as inconvenient as possible for people to vote.

Ohio voters are becoming more aware of the results of budget cuts that Kasich has made to counties/cities, and schools districts. Communities have had to lay off firefighters and police officers. Counties have had budget cuts that make it nearly impossible to fund road repairs. School districts have had to make cuts in teacher personnel and school programs. The only entities making out under Kasich are the CEO's that own charter schools.

>>> Plunderbund has a very interesting post on how Kasich could be misleading citizens on donations to his campaign.

For the past few months, John Kasich’s campaign has been running deceitful ads trying to convince his supporters that a donation to John Kasich in 2014 can be used for a tax credit on 2013 tax filings.

This is a lie....

....Ohio law clearly states that only money donated in 2013 can be used for a deduction in 2014.   But that hasn’t stopped Kasich from running the ads suggesting otherwise.....

If you really want to be in the know on Ohio politics, you must read Plunderbund.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Pay Attention!

* The Columbus Dispatch has the news on Gov. John Kasich's view on marriage equality.


Gov. John Kasich said he will support Attorney General Mike DeWine's appeal of an upcoming ruling by a federal judge that will require the state of Ohio to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.
“He is gonna appeal it, he should,” Kasich said today in his first comments since U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black announced his intentions Friday.....

...David Pepper, DeWine’s electoral opponent, said he would not appeal Black’s decision because opposing same-sex marriage is indefensible.....

If you really believe in America, this type of prejudice and bias from Kasich and Mike DeWine is wrong. They continue to push their far right, prehistoric thinking.  Republicans are just unable to understand the equality and justice.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

When education funding is cut.....

Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett has slashed funding for education in his state. Here is a sample of how he made those cuts----

Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia:

A new analysis by the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia shows that lower income students and minority races are affected in significantly greater amounts compared to other students by the Corbett Administration cuts.

In 2011 Governor Tom Corbett cut $1 billion in public school funding.  As a result of these cuts 70 percent of school districts have increased class sizes, 44 percent slashed extracurricular activities and 35 percent eliminated tutoring programs. He has maintained this cut for the past two budgets and now proposes to increase public school funding by a mere $90 million. This still leaves a massive funding gap that 75 percent of public schools must account for by continuing to lay off teachers and staff this coming year. Because of this gap, Philadelphia school district is $300 million short of the budget needed to maintain its current minimal programs, forcing it to lay off 3,800 persons and strip its schools of all except mandated teachers and a principal; allowing no counselors, aides, or even a secretary to answer the phone....

Philadelphia's public schools are in terrible shape. With the reduction of teachers and support staff, larger class sizes and safety problems have created chaos.

Here is a recent article about Philadelphia's Bertram High School, as reported by

When Alphonso Stevenson was knocked unconscious by a student at Bartram High recently, staffers were shocked by the assault on the tall, genial man whose job was to keep the school calm. But many were not surprised.

The school, by many accounts, can be a frightening place, where fights and drug use are common and large groups of students often roam the hallways....

....this year, the Philadelphia School District's budget crisis has hit hard - Bartram absorbed 100 students from a school that closed, yet still has fewer staffers. Over the last few years, it has lost assistant principals, a disciplinarian, librarian, counselors, and others....

I suggest that if you care about public education, that you read the entire article at the link.

This is what happens when a governor cuts funding to schools to appease his right wing, pro-charter school contributors. Public schools deserve adequate funding. Students deserve a safe school with proper materials and qualified teachers. Those who refuse to adequate fund public education are not thinking about our children and their futures.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

My Advice

A small group of upcoming graduates at the Ohio State University have spoken up in opposition to the pick of Chris Matthews as the spring commencement speaker. According to the Dispatch, some students are upset that no one asked them to pick a speaker.

After four years of college, haven't these students met anyone with opposing views? Do they think that everyone they will meet in life will think that same as they do?

In the past, Ohio State has had a wide variety of speakers from every political persuasion. Graduates should just try to be polite and enjoy the day.  My advice to these whining students is this, "Grow up!"

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


You really have to give to the Republicans for the lies they continue to spew!

>>> Reince Priebus, the GOP chair, said the following:


....Priebus told MSNBC's Chuck Todd that voters thought Mitt Romney had the better presidential chops.
"I mean, the fact of the matter is Mitt Romney won on the message," Priebus said. "He won on jobs, he won on the economy, he won on the question of, 'Who do you actually think would make a better president?' But where he lost was on the question of, 'Who cares about you?'"
Exit poll data throws doubt on those claims. Voters were pretty much evenly divided on the question of who would handle the economy better, with Romney edging President Obama by 1 percent....

I guess Mr. Priebus has forgotten that President Obama won re-election by a significant number, and that is all that matters. It doesn't really matter what Priebus says because the Republican Party continues to be wrong on issues involving women's rights, supporting public schools, feeding poor children, immigration, and taking care of our elderly.

>>>> Ohio Gov. John Kasich seems to go out of his way to insult teachers, police officers, fire fighters, nurses, and now guidance counselors.  Joe Vardon of the Columbus Dispatch has been following Kasich around the state and he caught this gem and posted it on Twitter:

Kasich: "We need to make sure these guidance counselors aren’t just in there monitoring the lunch room"

Now all those school counselors in Ohio know what Gov. Kasich thinks of your work with children. As one person noted, do you think Kasich would say that to the guidance counselors at Chardon High School?

*** Where are the jobs in Ohio? Gov. Kasich continues to brag about job numbers but there are still over 400,000 people out of work in Ohio and the layoffs continue (see ODJFS). Since the beginning of 2014, twenty companies have announced layoffs (Warn Notices).

Crain's has an editorial in which Gov. Kasich is called a "tax shifter" ---

Gov. John Kasich likes to portray himself as a tax-cutting crusader. It is a misleading representation. He is more an illusionist, a master of taxation sleight of hand. 

The reality is, the governor is a tax shifter. He is adept at transferring the burden of taxation from one party to another while giving the appearance of reducing taxes. Shifting the load is how he can balance a state budget that grows year after year even as he beats the drum for lower individual income tax rates.....

....And what of the local governments and schools that felt the budget pain that the state passed down to them? The loss of state support has meant fewer police officers and teachers, less general fund money to fix potholes, and cuts to academic programs and extracurricular activities.....

While the rich get more tax cuts, and corporations get massive financial incentives, parents and homeowners are facing more school levies and local tax increases to pay for education and fire/police services. This is no way to run a state!

>>>  Did you know that in the state of Ohio a rapist can sue his victim for parental rights if she gives birth? Huffington Post covered this. The law to change this idiocy has been stalled in the Ohio legislature. It is time for the Republican-controlled Senate and House to pass the legislation to prevent further attacks on a rape victim.

>>>> Did you know that Republican Greg Abbott of Texas is against equal pay for women in his state?  Although we are aware that Gov. Kasich pays his female staff members less that their male counterparts, it would be great if a media person to get the governor's views on equal pay for women.

*** Why does Sen. John McCain want another war? Haven't we had enough? Most Americans don't care what McCain thinks.  We are still involved in Afghanistan, and helping our wounded vets. We do not need another invasion.

Friday, March 14, 2014

'altered sworn statements'

What the heck is going on in the Ohio Department of Natural Resources? Read this article and note the words 'altered sworn statements'.

There is too much secrecy and backroom deals going on in the administration of Gov. John Kasich. We can't see the information about JobsOhio. Some of the records involving drilling in the state have been held back. Kasich has flip flopped on fracking in state parks, even though the Ohio Dept. of Transportation, ODNR, and the Dept. of Administrative Services have been working on getting state owned property fracked since Kasich took office. Women's rights over the own bodies have been changed. The GOP and Kasich are involved in voter suppression. Ohio's public schools are being robbed of funding so that poorly performing charter schools can continue, and their owners can get richer.....

It is time to let Kasich retire from office.  A vote for Ed FitzGerald is a vote to end this corruption in Ohio.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

They Are Still After You

The conservatives at CPAC are renewing their goal to go after labor unions. Those CPAC Republicans are still congratulating themselves over their success at stopping the UAW in Tennessee.


....The panelists agreed that after seeing Michigan, the cradle of the U.S. auto industry, go right-to-work in 2012, almost anything seemed possible.

"The good news is you have 24 states today with a Republican governor and both houses of the legislature who are Republican," Scanlon said. "You have a shot at right-to-work in any of these states. ... It can be done. It takes time, and you have to set the mechanism up even if you don't have a majority of Republicans."

...."We're looking at Ohio. We're looking at Missouri. We're looking at Kentucky," Vernuccio said. "The fire of worker freedom is shining brightly, and it is spreading."

If you are a member of a labor union, it might be time to get organized to elect Democrats instead of the right-to-work pushing Republicans and conservatives.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


If you have no agenda, and just want to waste time until the next election, what do you do? Here is a hint.......


House Republicans haven't really gotten the hang of that whole making health care law thing, but they sure have perfected the voting to tear it down bit.
House Republicans are poised to reach a new milestone as they gear up for their 50th vote to repeal or dismantle Obamacare. "You know what they say: 50th time is the charm," mocked President Barack Obama.
The House is set to vote Wednesday on a bill by Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) to effectively delay the individual mandate for one year by reducing the penalty in 2014 for not buying insurance from $95 to $0. (Inclement weather in Washington could conceivably delay the bill further.)

Awful. The Republicans are a bunch of clueless idiots who are unable and unwilling to consider the lives of millions of Americans.  The GOP has no agenda except to oppose President Obama and the middle class.

Friday, February 28, 2014

You cannot eat what Kasich is selling!

In his last state of the state speech, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said he wanted a "more hopeful" Ohio (ToledoBlade).  Kasich is trying to sell hope, but 'hope' doesn't pay your mortgage, put food on the table, or clothe the children. It is just a bunch of nothingness coming out of his mouth because he cannot deliver the jobs he promised. 

Democratic candidate for Ohio governor, Ed FitzGerald, explains how those at the top are reaping the rewards of Kasich's tax cuts.


...You have a group at the top that is doing very, very well and keeps doing better and better and better, and you have a whole lot of people that are stuck at the bottom,” FitzGerald told an audience of about 80 people. “I’m not suggesting that Gov. Kasich created that situation, but what I am saying is that he’s aggravating the situation.”

FitzGerald cited income tax cuts championed by Kasich and approved by the Republican-majority Legislature. The wealthiest 1 percent of Ohioans, earning at least $335,000 annually in 2012, received about a $6,000 annual tax cut, according to Policy Matters Ohio, a liberal think tank. Those earning between $33,000 and $51,000 received a $5 annual tax cut, while those earning less than $33,000 received a $24 tax cut....

Would an extra $5 (42 cents/mo.) or $24 ($2/mo.) make a difference? This explains how the income gap in Ohio has only widened under Kasich.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bachmann is wrong!

Do you agree or disagree with a comment by Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann?


...In an interview last week in her Capitol Hill office, Bachmann told syndicated columnist Cal Thomas people “aren’t ready” for a female president. 

“I think there was a cachet about having an African-American president because of guilt," she said. “People don’t hold guilt for a woman."

She added that while voters elect women for virtually every other office, she doesn't think there is "a pent-up desire” for a woman president....

Isn't it weird that Bachmann thought she was ready to be President when she was a Republican candidate? Now with the possibility of a Democratic female President, Bachmann believes the country isn't ready!!!!i

As a woman, I totally disagree with Michele Bachmann on this comment and most of what she says about everything else. Women are ready to lead this country as the President. Personally, I would support Hillary Clinton for President. The country is ready, even if Bachmann and the Neanderthal Republicans are not.