Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lower Test Scores?

From this morning's Columbus Dispatch:

....Results from the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, for Ohio show that 38 percent of fourth-graders are proficient in reading and 45 percent in math.

In eighth grade, 36 percent of students scored proficient in reading and 35 percent in math.

While higher than the national average, Ohio’s results were lower than the state’s 2013 NAEP scores. Ohio scores have shown no gain in more than a decade....

Teachers and students are spending less time involved in instruction and learning, while more time is used in test preparation and testing. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that testing has taken over a large part of the school year and that cuts down on reading and math time. On top of that, students and teachers have become anxious about testing days, and performance has been damaged. There is just too much emphasis on testing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

'Yeast Infections"

How to stop a protest at a Planned Parenthood center in one easy step-------


Mary Numair took down Planned Parenthood protesters in quite an unusual, but awesome way.

According to BuzzFeed News, the 29-year-old Oregon copywriter and Planned Parenthood supporter noticed protesters outside a local clinic in Portland. After trying to approach them multiple times, she opted for a more creative route.

On Oct. 25, Numair arrived at the protest with a sign that read, "Dear P.P., Thanks for helping me with my yeast infections." In a tweet, she said she broke up the protest by chanting the words "yeast infections."

Way to go!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another Bad Idea

How would John Kasich help veterans? Vouchers!!! CNN had Kasich's response.  (Vouchers which seem to be his solution for everything, including schools.)

Vouchers would be a bad idea.  Vouchers would not cover all of the various conditions that veterans might have. Many of our veterans suffer from PTSD and most doctors don't have experience in dealing with it.

Kasich also suggested bringing in businesses to help solve problems. This is just another ploy to get his wealthy friends involved. When a business takes over an agency, profit $$$$$$  is their only motivation.

There are better ways to care for our veterans------

1.  Stop having unnecessary wars!

2.  Fully fund health care for veterans (Republican cuts to the program have destabilized the veteran health care programs.).

Kasich has suggested he wants more boots on the ground in those ongoing wars in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Kasich's idea is part of the Republican strategy of unending, continuous war, and it would only make veteran health care worse.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Where is Ohio's Governor?

Gov. John Kasich isn't in Ohio.  Kasich is spending his time out of the state promoting his candidacy for President. Unfortunately, Kasich's talking points are based on fables, lies, and exaggerations.

>  There is no 'Ohio miracle' in this state. People are still unemployed and underemployed. Kasich's JobsOhio brought some jobs in, but many of them are low paying ones. Bringing in more Walmarts doesn't lift citizens out of poverty!  Many of those companies that have received money and/or tax credits from JobsOhio (aka 'RobsOhio), have not kept their promises about job creation. Kasich's cronies are laughing while they are making money from our tax dollars.

>  The charter school scandals just keep growing. While Kasich and Republicans promise to put in reforms and regulations, nothing has been done. If Kasich and the Republicans continue to get big money campaign donations from charter operators, they won't stop the money train.  Ohio's charter schools have failed our children and taxpayers. With the latest scandal of David Hansen's numbers manipulation of charter school results, Ohioans continue to lose trust in the Kasich administration. Below you will find just a few of the articles about how John Kasich is ruining public education in Ohio.

via Dispatch - north side charter school closes,
via Dispatch- from 2014- 17 charter school failures,
via Plunderbund - charter school owner's bonus check,
via Diane Ravitch - low performing charter school
via Cleveland - F grades from ECOT
via Innovation Ohio - Kasich's cuts to traditional schools 
via Washington Post - "...Ohio’s $1 billion charter school system was the butt of jokes at a conference for reporters on school choice in Denver..."  

>  Women's health in Ohio has come under attack from Kasich and the Republicans. Health clinics that provide gynecological exams have closed and women's lives are in danger. Planned Parenthood clinics have closed across the state because Republicans just want to get into the private lives of women and their decisions. 

>  Kasich's attacks on teachers and educators have been disrespectful and awful. Why does Kasich hate teachers so much? Is he jealous of their education, and influence, or is he just trying to control a profession made up primarily of women. Kasich's comments about banning teacher lounges shows you that he has no idea what teachers do.

I could go on and on, but time won't allow.  I suggest you visit Plunderbund to find out all the truth about John Kasich.


Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Disrespecting Your Service

I'm old enough to remember the war in Vietnam. I can recall many young people that returned from war injured or dead. Being in a war is something I personally have never experienced, but I know  relatives and friends that suffered through the physical and mental scars of war.

Republican candidate, Donald Trump, thinks he knows what it was like in a war.

Laura Clawson writes about it at DailyKos:

Just imagine the howls if a Democrat with this record made these statements:
Donald J. Trump, who received draft deferments through much of the Vietnam War, told the author of a forthcoming biography that he nevertheless “always felt that I was in the military” because of his education at a military-themed boarding school. Mr. Trump said that his experience at the New York Military Academy, an expensive prep school where his parents had sent him to correct poor behavior, gave him “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.”
Hey, he wore a uniform and did marching drills—it's just like having been in Vietnam...

 If someone minimizes your war experience, they'd have no qualms about sending your sons and daughters to war. Don't trust anyone that has plans to put 'boots on the ground' in a war.  It appears that every Republican candidate, especially those that received deferments, are ready, willing, and able to start a war with your son or daughter in battle.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

John Becker vs. Women's Rights

Ohio's Republicans are disrespectful to women. Women can make decisions about their own bodies, but not according to Ohio's Neanderthal Republicans, especially John Becker.


Ohio state Rep. John Becker has made a career attempting to pronounce what others may or may not do with their reproductive organs. Throughout he tenure in the state legislature, nothing has been top of the mind for John Becker quite like what people should and should not be doing with their genitalia.....

....Now Becker is peddling a proposal in the Ohio General Assembly to ban abortions in cases where the fetus is determined to have Down syndrome....

It puts one in mind of the old George Carlin joke about how much conservatives care about the unborn, “but once you’re born…”

Yes, ladies, John Becker wants to prevent you from having an abortion if there is something wrong with the fetus. Will women need to call John Becker from the gynecologist's office to get permission for an abortion?

You can see John Becker's contact information here: 
or   or  or 
  Send him your comments.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Good job, President Obama!

•  Some right wingers might be wetting their pants with this news from Forbes:

For the first time in more than 50 years of surveys, the CDC on Wednesday reported that more than 90% of Americans — 90.8% of us, to be specific — have health insurance.....

....Being insured even appears to cut down on your risk of death.....

Thank you, President Obama, for protecting the lives of Americans!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Advertising Dollars for Charter Schools

Ohio's charter schools are running many ads on local radio and TV stations. I've heard numerous ads for Performance Academy and they even got local radio personalities to visit in order to endorse their schools.  These charter schools exist on our tax dollars.  Shouldn't those tax dollars be used to educate their students and pay for teachers? Why are they spending thousands of dollars advertising?

Here are some results from the Ohio Department of Education:


Performance Academy Eastland

At another Performance Academy, the grades are similar:

Columbus Performance Academy

 You can check out the grades from schools all across Ohio here.

An article from the Dayton Daily News (2012) shows that the only people profiting from charters are the people that own them! 

Unfortunately, Ohio's Republican controlled legislature refuses to reform the charter school disasters because charter owners continue to fund their campaigns. It is time for tax payers to stop this charter school mess and put funds back into traditional public schools operated by taxpayers, not corporations/private owners.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Destroying America

The Republican presidential candidates are trying to out conservative each other. They brag about their tax cuts, their 'family values' that have guided their lives, and their goal to 'take back' the country.

What are these Republicans candidates refusing to explain?

>  They are not providing the details about how their tax cuts have gone primarily to the wealthy, while schools and public services (fire/police), and communities, have had to deal with massive cuts.

> The Republican 'family values' claims of these candidates does not include their own transgressions (divorces, one candidate's ties to the DC Madam scandal, another candidate's participation in an exorcism, a GOPer's bribery scandal, budget problems, underfunding public education while rewarding failing corporate-owned charter schools, etc.).

> All of them say that they want to 'take back' the country, but they fail to provide details. They want to turn back the clock to the 19th century, when white men controlled everything.  There were no voting rights for women and minorities, and white men, especially those with lots of money, had authority over institutions.

Please. Don't let these right wing nut jobs win control over our lives. We need to move our country forward, and not backward.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!


According to Brent Larkin at, our governor could be viewed as a 'jerk' by some:

...Kasich is many things. Normal isn't one of them.

In fact, as Kasich prepares to run for president, expect more people to suggest in public what many who know him have been whispering in private for years.
Indelicate though it may be, it's a question worth asking:

Is John Kasich too big a jerk to be president?....

Those of us who have followed Kasich's political career already know the answer to that question---- yes.