Thursday, April 28, 2011

Paul Ryan

Did you know that besides the their desire to eliminate Medicare, Rep. Paul Ryan and Republicans also want to lower the tax rate for the wealthy from 35% to 25%??? (Seattle Times)  A majority of Americans think that the wealthy should have their taxes increased, not decreased as Paul Ryan suggests. 

The Republicans are very much in favor of Paul Ryan's plan to eliminate Medicare.  If the Republican budget passes, Medicare would be replaced with a plan in which seniors would be given vouchers and forced to shop for a health insurance policy.  This is just another big payoff for the insurance individuals/PACs who have supported Republicans, and it allows Republicans to end Medicare.  After they end Medicare, Social Security would be next.

The Republicans are so pumped up about denying you Medicare and Paul Ryan that they are considering Paul Ryan to be a candidate for President.


Reince Priebus has begun exploring whether a presidential bid by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) would have any impact on Priebus' ability to remain at the helm of the Republican National Committee, according to sources with intimate knowledge of the discussions.....

Isn't that what Americans want-------someone like Paul Ryan who wants to throw the elderly and the poor into the street?

* JDWolverton posted a great diary at DailyKosPaul Ryan's Health Care Hypocrisy--

....Getting the most possible health care to Americans utilizing the least amount of resources is not what Ryan is about. He's all for the greed based health care system; and if you can't afford it? Drop Dead. Ryan's NO votes against adding more children to SCHIP and regulating tobacco as a drug are predictable, as are most of his Medicare votes....

...Paul Ryan decries "rationing care" at the same time he advocates a system that will effectively deny all care to all seniors because there will be no way they can buy an affordable healthcare policy over and above what the voucher doesn't cover - private insurance companies will price the policies beyond reach (you can bet on that)....

You can read Wolverton's entire post at DailyKos.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Republican Assault on Seniors

>  Republicans are facing a backlash from Americans about their support of Rep. Paul Ryan's budget which seeks to end Medicare.  All of the Ohio Republicans, including Rep. Steve Stivers (OH-15th), voted for the Paul Ryan budget which plans to give seniors a voucher instead of care.

Most seniors would find that the Paul Ryan plan to end Medicare, supported by Stivers, does nothing more than make it more difficult for people to get medical help. It forces seniors to jump through hoops, and makes things more laborious for them.  The Ryan plan would also make seniors face increasing premiums. 

The Paul Ryan plan to end Medicare does make some people happy------- the people associated with insurance companies that have contributed to Republicans like Paul Ryan and Steve Stivers.  According to OpenSecrets, Rep. Paul Ryan, has received $694,803 from the insurance industry (individuals and PACs), during his time in Congress.

Rep. Steve Stivers received $170,362 in the 2008 campaign (Open Secrets) from the insurance industry, and in the 2010 campaign, Stivers got $168,200 (Open Secrets) from those PACs and individuals involved with insurance.

While Stivers, Paul Ryan, and other Republicans enjoy those campaign contributions from the insurance industry, they are selling out our seniors. Without Medicare, and the programs that have helped seniors for decades, our elderly will suffer tremendously.  The Republicans need to listen to their constituents, not their campaign contributors.

>   In a story at CNN, actor Seth Rogen talks about Alzheimer's:

Seth Rogen may be known for starring in some raunchy comedies, but there's one issue he doesn't take lightly: Alzheimer's disease.....

"I think until you see it firsthand, it's kind of hard to conceive of how brutal it is," Rogen told CNN on Tuesday. "Until I saw it, you just don't get kind of how heartbreaking it can be."

....But the effect is even more far-reaching than just patients. There are nearly 15 million unpaid caregivers, not counting the rest of the family and friends who tirelessly provide support even though no prevention, treatment or cure has been found. The disease is fatal. The average length of the disease is four to eight years, although some people can live with it for 20 years....

Alzheimer's is a horrible, cruel disease.  It can take away so much and it breaks your heart every single day.  However, some people in elected office has started to try to find a way to cut funding for those who need skilled nursing care that is provided in nursing homes.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has proposed cutting funding for nursing homes, and Medicaid recipients. Kasich, according to the Springfieldnewssun, wants people out of nursing homes and into their homes:

Kasich budget proposals are meant to steer more seniors towards PASSPORT — a Medicaid waiver program that helps pay for in-home and community services for seniors who need hands-on assistance — in hopes of saving the state $18.7 million through 2013, said Eric Poklar, director of communications for the governor’s Office of Health Transformations....

.....The state wants to steer 4,800 more seniors toward PASSPORT. That’s because the cost to keep a senior in a nursing home per month, paid for through Medicaid or Medicare, is more than $4,000. PASSPORT costs about $1,300, said Bonnie Kantor-Burman, director of the Ohio Department of Aging....

....But the state’s plan to reorganize Medicaid waivers should make the program cheaper and more efficient, said Kantor-Burman.....

The overwhelming concern of the Kasich administration seems to be looking for cheap alternatives.  Cheaper is not better when a loved one needs and requires 24 hour care. Why does Gov. Kasich continue to push for these cuts when the safety of our family members is at risk?

It is time to speak up and let the Republicans know that we will not allow their assault on the elderly and the poor.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kasich: Pay Raise for Legislators??????

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican and former Vice President of Lehman Brothers, has suggested that members of the Ohio General Assembly should get a pay raise. 


Gov. John Kasich said last week that he has developed a "beautiful relationship" with Republican legislative leaders, and he even suggested that lawmakers might deserve a pay raise.....

....Lawmakers get a base salary of $60,584, though most earn more through stipends for caucus and committee leadership positions. A bill by Rep. Terry Boose, R-Norwalk, that would cut lawmaker salaries by 5 percent has not yet had a hearing.

State workers took 10 unpaid furlough days this year. Lawmakers did not participate in that pay reduction. And the "raise" is mostly a lump-sum payment already provided for in the current state contract.

Let me address that "pay raise" for state workers first--- Kasich is not giving them a raise.  Ask any state worker how much they'll lose as a result of Kasich's elimination of pay steps, and they'll give you an exact figure.  I know because I've talked to a few of them.

If members of the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate vote themselves pay raises, they can guarantee a strong response from Ohio voters.  Why do they need pay raises for what is essentially a part time job?  Why should they get more money when they've voted for Kasich's budget which cuts programs for school children, the elderly, the poor, and cities?

Ohio's voters will be watching to see if the legislators grab the money while they cut off everyone else.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sign Petition to Repeal SB 5

>  This weekend volunteers were out in force asking voters to sign petitions to repeal Kasich's SB 5.  If you want to volunteer, follow the link:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day and Destroying It in Ohio

Today is Earth Day!    In honor of Earth Day, some businesses are offering some specials or free stuff----
ABC News has compiled this list:

Starbucks:  ...bring in a reusable mug or tumbler and get a free brewed coffee or tea. Your choice of brew, hot or iced – it is spring after all! This is happening at participating stores in the United States and Canada....

...Lowe's-....On April 23, the company will be giving away one million trees to the people who walk into their stores.... 

Check out the rest of the freebies at ABC News.

****  Ohio Gov. John Kasich has indicated that he wanted to allow drilling in the state parks.  Recent polls show that Ohioans are against it.  Opposition is growing and now more organized.


An environmental coalition is protesting a proposal backed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich to open state lands to natural gas drilling.

The Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, Ohio Environmental Council and others held events Thursday at eight state parks they want declared "frack-free" zones. The parks would be off limits to the process called fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, which involves blasting chemical-laced water into the ground to get to gas deposits.

Kasich wore hiking shoes, a bomber jacket and jeans to an unrelated news conference Thursday. He said he was headed to visit a possible fracking site in northern Ohio.....

Not only do Ohioans have to worry about damage to the parks, and the environment, but pollution and poisoning are also concerns.

Drilling is already going on because some private landowners have signed agreements with drilling companies, according to an article in Cantonrep.  People are wondering if the Kasich administration has already gone ahead and allowed fracking in the state parks. Since the Kasich administration seems allergic to transparency, we might never know.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Radical Republican Plan

President Obama held a town hall meeting today in California at the headquarters of Facebook.  Here is a little about what he said----

...Obama, in response to a Facebook employee's question about the GOP budget proposed by Rep Paul Ryan, R. Wis., said: "Their vision is radical. No, I don't think it's part courageous. Nothing is easier than solving a problem on the backs of people who are poor, or people who don't have lobbyists or don't have clout." 

....While calling Ryan "sincere" and "a patriot," Obama argued that the plan for next year's budget underscores how Republicans want to "change our social contract in a pretty fundamental way."

Their view is "no matter how successful I am ... that somehow, I now have no obligation to people who are less fortunate than me, and I have no real obligation to future generations," Obama said....

Then Raw Story has this information about Republican Rep. Paul Ryan:

Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP's most outspoken advocate for cutting and privatizing Social Security, has already benefited from Social Security himself, in the form of survivor benefits he received after his father's untimely death.

From the age of 16, when his 55-year-old father died of a heart attack, until he was 18, Ryan received Social Security payments, which, according to a lengthy profile in WI Magazine, he put away for college. The eventual budget czar attended Miami University in Ohio to earn a B.A. in economics and political science, and landed a congressional internship as a junior.

Ryan's congressional ascent, all the way to the top spot on the Budget Committee, began with his Social Security-funded college education....

Well, isn't that interesting!  Paul Ryan wants to deny us our benefits, but he took full advantage of government benefits.

People depend on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and we cannot allow the poor and elderly to be denied their rights to dignity, care, and a roof over their head.

Kasich's Latest Honor

The "Wheel of Misfortune" has picked the worst governors in America, and John Kasich is one of them.

Wheel of Misfortune:


Wall Street's gift to Ohio, this ex-Lehman Brothers managing director pressured Ohio officials to invest public pension funds in Lehman.  Kasich got rich, seniors lost their savings.......

  • Kasich is the first Ohio governor since 1962 with no African-American cabinet appointments.  When challenged by an African-American legislator, he said, "We don't need your people."  
  • He proposed a 16% cut for schools, major cuts in Medicaid and nursing home care, and privatization of roads and prisons.....

The website is the work of National Nurses United. Nurses, teachers, firefighters, police officers, and all public employees should take a look at the "Wheel of Misfortune" and the goals of National Nurses United.

*  Americans do not like the Republican plan. They do not like it, here or there.  They do not like it anywhere.

According to a Post-ABC Poll and published at the Post:

......78 percent oppose cutting spending on Medicare as a way to chip away at the debt. On Medicaid — the government insurance program for the poor — 69 percent disapprove of cuts......

.....In his speech last week, the president renewed his call to raise tax rates on family income over $250,000, and he appears to hold the high ground politically, according to the poll. At this point, 72 percent support raising taxes along those lines, with 54 percent strongly backing this approach. The proposal enjoys the support of majorities of Democrats (91 percent), independents (68 percent) and Republicans (54 percent). Only among people with annual incomes greater than $100,000 does less than a majority “strongly support” such tax increases.....

It appears that the Republican plan to end Medicare and Medicaid, as written by Rep. Paul Ryan is extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemely unpopular.  We do not like it anywhere.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not to be Missed

Just when you thought that Donald Trump could not get more ridiculous, he said the following:

“I know many people at the White House and one in particular,” Trump told Savannah Guthrie of NBC News in a taped interview broadcast on TODAY. “The last person he wants to run against is Donald Trump. That I can tell you.”

Oh, yes.  The birthers are all waiting.

Donald Trump's bio is available at Wikipedia

* * * * * 

Is Gov. John Kasich's JobsOhio unconstitutional?  We will find out when the case goes to court.

....State Sen. Michael Skindell, D-23, state Rep. Dennis Murray, D-80, and Brian Rothenberg, on behalf of, filed a request for declaratory judgment Monday with the Ohio Supreme Court on the constitutionality of House Bill 1, which replaces the state Department of Development with JobsOhio, a private corporation Kasich proposed during his campaign for governor to lead Ohio's job-creation efforts.....

....The complaint, which is composed of multiple sections and can be viewed here, challenges the constitutionality of the legislation on several grounds, including:
  • Giving the Supreme Court original jurisdiction in violation of Article IV of the Ohio Constitution;
  • Limiting redress in the courts to 60 days in violation of Article 1, Section 16;
  • Conferring corporate powers in violation of Article XIII, Section 1;
  • Creating a second position under the authority of the state for the Governor in violation of Article 3, Section 14;
  • Creating debt liabilities for the state in violation of Article VIII, Section 3;
  • Creating a joint venture between the State of Ohio and a private corporation in violation of Article VIII, Section 4;
  • Creating an appropriation for longer than two years in violation of Article II, Section 22.....

Ohioans will be watching.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kasich Not Creating Jobs

Republican Gov. John Kasich criticized his predecessor, Gov. Ted Strickland, for not creating new jobs in Ohio.  While Kasich was a Vice President at Lehman Brothers and selling investments that eventually failed, Strickland was picking up the pieces of the recession caused by the Wall Street bankruptcies and bank disasters.  Now as governor, Kasich still hasn't delivered any new jobs.  To many people, Gov. Kasich seems to be playing a shell game by bragging about creating jobs that were already in Ohio (Ex. Bob Evans HQ, Diebold), and rewarding those companies with our valuable tax money.  While Kasich continues to fly around the state in state-owned planes,  someone needs to remind him that his bragadocious behavior is not creating any new jobs.

From the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) we can see that layoffs are still occurring during Kasich's term:

Current WARN Notices
Company City (County) Number
Union WARN
04/15/2011 Palmetto GBA Columbus (Franklin County) 92 June 17, 2011 (614) 473-6555 N/A 011-10-047
4/1/2011 Sodexo, Inc. Lewis Center (Delaware) 82 May 31, 2011 (630) 810-1144 N/A 007-10-047
3/14/2011 International Brake Industries, Inc. Lima (Allen) 153 Between 5/9/2011 & 6/3/2011 (419) 227-4421 UAW Local 975 007-10-046
3/9/2011 Worthington Steel Middletown (Butler) 79 5/7/2011 (513) 539-9291 USWA 012-10-045
3/4/2011 M & M Restaurant Supply Springfield (Clark) 171 5/1/2011 (513) 773-2315 IBT Local 957 007-10-044
3/2/2011 Influent Marietta (Washington) 135 Between 5/2/2011 & 5/15/2011 (614) 280-1600 ext. 3008 N/A 015-10-043
2/23/2011 Kmart #3784 Fremont (Sandusky) 133 04/29/2011 (847) 286-1427 N/A 007-10-042
2/14/2011 WellPoint, Inc.(Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield) Youngstown (Mahoning) 51 04/15/2011 & 05/31/2011 (330) 783-3723 N/A 017-10-041
2/10/2011 Therma-Tru Corporation Archbold (Fulton) 79 04/1/2011 (800) 322-8688 N/A 007-10-040
03/24/2011 Cooper Standard Automotive, Inc. Bowling Green (Wood) 200 04/05/2011 (419) 353-2500 USW Local 1152L 007-10-039
1/31/2011 Premier Manufacturing Corporation Cleveland (Cuyahoga) 100 03/28/2011 (216) 941-9700 USW Local 48U 003-10-038
1/28/2011 Exel Streetsboro (Portage) 69 4/2/2011 (614) 409-3757 IBT Local 507 019-10-037
1/28/2011 Kmart Medina (Medina) 184 03/26/11 (847) 286-1427 N/A 002-10-036
01/27/11 YRC Enterprise Services, Inc. Akron (Summit) 71 03/31/11 until 5/31/11 (330) 643-6929 N/A 002-10-035
01/27/11 USEC Piketon (Pike) 500 03/28/11 until 4/11/11 (740) 897-5843 USWA Local 689 001-10-034
01/07/11 Sears Holdings Corporation Akron (Summit) 85 04/3/11 (847) 286-2500 N/A 002-10-033
01/05/11 Kmart Hamilton (Butler) 79  3/27/11 (847) 286-1427 N/A 012-10-032
01/03/11 Xpress Loan Servicing
(CIT Group Inc.)
Cleveland(Cuyahoga)Cincinnati (Hamilton) 139 Begin 3/8/11 until 9/30/11 (216) 706-7440 N/A 003-10-031

Friday, April 15, 2011

These Members of Congress....


These Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives are trying to change the lives of those under 55 years of age.  They want to take away your Social Security, even though it is a program that provides for our senior citizens.  This budget was assembled by Representatives Paul Ryan, and now has become the official budget of the Republican Party. 
Here is the list of those Republicans who want to end Social Security for those under 55 years of age.  WashingtonPost has the Republicans who want to end Social Security and give more corporate tax cuts:

P Name
R Sandra Adams FL
R Robert Aderholt AL
R William Akin MO
R Rodney Alexander LA
R Justin Amash MI
R Stephen Austria OH
R Michele Bachmann MN
R Spencer Bachus AL
R Lou Barletta PA
R Roscoe Bartlett MD
R Joe Barton TX
R Charles Bass NH
R Dan Benishek MI
R Rick Berg ND
R Judith Biggert IL
R Brian Bilbray CA
R Gus Bilirakis FL
R Robert Bishop UT
R Diane Black TN
R Marsha Blackburn TN
R Josiah Bonner AL
R Charles Boustany LA
R Kevin Brady TX
R Mo Brooks AL
R Paul Broun GA
R Vernon Buchanan FL
R Larry Bucshon IN
R Ann Marie Buerkle NY
R Michael Burgess TX
R Danny Burton IN
R Kenneth Calvert CA
R David Camp MI
R John Campbell CA
R Quico Canseco TX
R Eric Cantor VA
R Shelley Capito WV
R John Carter TX
R William Cassidy LA
R Steven Chabot OH
R Jason Chaffetz UT
R John Coble NC
R Michael Coffman CO
R Thomas Cole OK
R K. Conaway TX
R Chip Cravaack MN
R Rick Crawford AR
R Ander Crenshaw FL
R John Culberson TX
R Geoffrey Davis KY
R Jeff Denham CA
R Charles Dent PA
R Scott DesJarlais TN
R Mario Diaz-Balart FL
R Robert Dold IL
R David Dreier CA
R Sean Duffy WI
R John Duncan TN
R Jeff Duncan SC
R Renee Ellmers NC
R Jo Emerson MO
R Blake Farenthold TX
R Stephen Fincher TN
R Michael Fitzpatrick PA
R Jeffrey Flake AZ
R Chuck Fleischmann TN
R John Fleming LA
R Bill Flores TX
R James Forbes VA
R Jeffrey Fortenberry NE
R Virginia Foxx NC
R Trent Franks AZ
R Rodney Frelinghuysen NJ
R Elton Gallegly CA
R Cory Gardner CO
R Ernest Garrett NJ
R James Gerlach PA
R Bob Gibbs OH
R Christopher Gibson NY
R John Gingrey GA
R Louis Gohmert TX
R Robert Goodlatte VA
R Paul Gosar AZ
R Trey Gowdy SC
R Kay Granger TX
R Samuel Graves MO
R Tom Graves GA
R Tim Griffin AR
R Morgan Griffith VA
R Mike Grimm NY
R Frank Guinta NH
R Steven Guthrie KY
R Ralph Hall TX
R Richard Hanna NY
R Gregg Harper MS
R Andy Harris MD
R Vicky Hartzler MO
R Doc Hastings WA
R Nan Hayworth NY
R Joe Heck NV
R Dean Heller NV
R Jeb Hensarling TX
R Walter Herger CA
R Jaime Herrera WA
R Tim Huelskamp KS
R Bill Huizenga MI
R Randy Hultgren IL
R Duncan Hunter CA
R Robert Hurt VA
R Darrell Issa CA
R Lynn Jenkins KS
R Sam Johnson TX
R Timothy Johnson IL
R Bill Johnson OH
R Jim Jordan OH
R Mike Kelly PA
R Peter King NY
R Steve King IA
R Jack Kingston GA
R Adam Kinzinger IL
R John Kline MN
R Raul Labrador ID
R Doug Lamborn CO
R Leonard Lance NJ
R Jeff Landry LA
R James Lankford OK
R Thomas Latham IA
R Steven LaTourette OH
R Robert Latta OH
R Charles Lewis CA
R Frank LoBiondo NJ
R Billy Long MO
R Frank Lucas OK
R Blaine Luetkemeyer MO
R Cynthia Lummis WY
R Daniel Lungren CA
R Mary Mack CA
R Connie Mack FL
R Donald Manzullo IL
R Kenny Marchant TX
R Thomas Marino PA
R Kevin McCarthy CA
R Michael McCaul TX
R Tom McClintock CA
R Thaddeus McCotter MI
R Patrick McHenry NC
R Howard McKeon CA
R Cathy McMorris Rodgers WA
R Patrick Meehan PA
R John Mica FL
R Gary Miller CA
R Jefferson Miller FL
R Candice Miller MI
R Mick Mulvaney SC
R Timothy Murphy PA
R Sue Myrick NC
R Randy Neugebauer TX
R Kristi Noem SD
R Richard Nugent FL
R Devin Nunes CA
R Alan Nunnelee MS
R Pete Olson TX
R Steven Palazzo MS
R Erik Paulsen MN
R Stevan Pearce NM
R Mike Pence IN
R Thomas Petri WI
R Joseph Pitts PA
R Todd Platts PA
R Ted Poe TX
R Mike Pompeo KS
R Bill Posey FL
R Tom Price GA
R Ben Quayle AZ
R Thomas Reed NY
R Jim Renacci OH
R Reid Ribble WI
R Scott Rigell VA
R David Rivera FL
R Martha Roby AL
R David Roe TN
R Harold Rogers KY
R Mike Rogers MI
R Mike Rogers AL
R Dana Rohrabacher CA
R Todd Rokita IN
R Thomas Rooney FL
R Ileana Ros-Lehtinen FL
R Peter Roskam IL
R Dennis Ross FL
R Edward Royce CA
R Jon Runyan NJ
R Paul Ryan WI
R Steve Scalise LA
R Bobby Schilling IL
R Jean Schmidt OH
R Aaron Schock IL
R David Schweikert AZ
R Tim Scott SC
R Austin Scott GA
R Frank Sensenbrenner WI
R Pete Sessions TX
R John Shimkus IL
R William Shuster PA
R Michael Simpson ID
R Christopher Smith NJ
R Lamar Smith TX
R Adrian Smith NE
R Steve Southerland FL
R Clifford Stearns FL
R Steve Stivers OH
R Marlin Stutzman IN
R John Sullivan OK
R Lee Terry NE
R Glenn Thompson PA
R William Thornberry TX
R Patrick Tiberi OH
R Scott Tipton CO
R Michael Turner OH
R Frederick Upton MI
R Timothy Walberg MI
R Greg Walden OR
R Joe Walsh IL
R Daniel Webster FL
R Allen West FL
R Lynn Westmoreland GA
R Wayne Whitfield KY
R Addison Wilson SC
R Robert Wittman VA
R Frank Wolf VA
R Steve Womack AR
R Rob Woodall GA
R Kevin Yoder KS
R Charles Young FL
R Donald Young AK
R Todd Young IN

You'll notice that their names have links.  If you'd like to send them a message and find out about more of their votes, follow the link.  

*  How do Ohioan feel about Gov. John Kasich's announced support of Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination?   I'm sure many are not surprised by Kasich's move, given his controversial comments.  Politico has more about the endorsement.   (You might want to check readers' comments below the article.)