Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Hypocrite

With a Republican frontrunner like Newt Gingrich, we can't help but have our own conclusions about Gingrich based on his actions and words.  How can he call himself a social conservative when he has been married three times?

I do not care for Newt Gingrich. When I see him, I see a slimeball.  His voting record and his extramarital affairs make me believe that -
(a) he has no respect for women. 
(2) he is deceptive (A cheater, is a cheater forever.).
(3) he is a pompous a**.
(4) he insults those that do not agree with him.
(5) he continues to protect the wealthy while the 99% suffer.

I can't think of anything with which Gingrich and I agree.   I am a proud liberal that believes ---
- that every person has the right to marry the person they love. 
- a woman has the right to make her own decisions about her reproductive needs. 
- the government must provide equal public education, and those who desire private education should not use my tax dollars.
- the best way to get people back to work is to repair/replace the crumbling infrastructure in our country.
- tax cuts for the rich have done nothing to increase jobs, but they have added to our debt.

A few months ago, The Nation had a list of some of the quotes that have spilled from Gingrich's mouth. Since the article's publication, Gingrich has added more stupid quotes. (His recent idea to fire all the certified/licensed school custodians to let school children clean and fix their school grounds, boilers, and facilities, shows people that Gingrich is an idiot.)

This is my favorite stupid quote from the eleven listed by The Nation (May 11, 2011):

...(5) “It doesn’t matter what I do. People need to hear what I have to say. There’s no one else who can say what I can say. It doesn’t matter what I live.” – [Newt’s explanation for why his multiple affairs won’t damage his political fortunes, as told to his jilted wife.]...

Yes, America, Gingrich is so full of it that he thinks we should hang on every word that he spews.  Here is a little selection someone made that is posted at GoAnimate: Moral Majority %5BHa%5D Hypocrisy USA by AM:Hate Radio Inc.

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Is Newt Gingrich your candidate? Read.....

*  Wouldn't it be something if Newt Gingrich was the Republican candidate for President?  There is sooooooooooo much about Gingrich that I just don't know where to start!  Here are some links that will provide you with some background information:

Newt Gingrich's Skeleton Closet

ChicagoMag: Newt Gingrich's Child Labor Philosophy, Orphan Trains, and Japanese School Cleaning

Mother Jones: Quote of the Day


Esquire Magazine

The Congress Project on the Dole Loan to Gingrich

CBS News on Gingrich's $500,000 account at Tiffany's

These articles should keep you busy for a few hours.

One more thing for Ohio voters------ John Kasich was endorsed by Newt Gingrich.

Have you heard........

*  The Ohio State Buckeyes have a new football coach.  It is Urban Meyer.  I hope that he is able to keep Luke Fickell on staff. Coach Fickell worked hard under the most adverse conditions and deserves our thanks for his dedication for the program.

*  The NFIB (the National Federation of Independent Business) seems to be a right wing organization with ads on TV/radio attacking Democratic office holders that support safety regulations and laws protecting the environment.  Luckily, I don't own a small business but if I did I would not join the NFIB.

*  OMG.  Would you vote for the new Republican frontrunner in the presidential sweepstakes---Newt Gingrich????  On so many levels, Gingrich makes me ill.

*  Why does Republican Josh Mandel want to end Social Security and Medicare? Not everyone has a huge portfolio like his.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mandel Likes Fracking

If you enjoy fresh air, clean water, quiet parks, then you probably won't like Republican Josh Mandel's opinion.


Ohio’s transparency-allergic treasurer and U.S. senate candidate Josh Mandel (R) is finally stepping out on stage by offering a certain type of policy positions: wildly unpopular. Mandel endorsed Gov. John Kasich’s (R) anti-labor law early this summer, insisting that Senate Bill 5 — a bill that was resoundingly defeated by police and firefighters — “is about respecting police and firefighters.” Now, Mandel is demanding that Ohio officials open up a national forest in Ohio to fracking — a policy 70 percent of Ohioans oppose. And he wants it done immediately.....

If Mandel likes fracking so much, perhaps Mandel would like to have some fracking in his yard, in his neighborhood, or in Lyndhurst.  ProPublica published this:

For the first time, a scientific study has linked natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing with a pattern of drinking water contamination so severe that some faucets can be lit on fire.

The peer-reviewed study, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, stands to shape the contentious debate over whether drilling is safe and begins to fill an information gap that has made it difficult for lawmakers and the public to understand the risks....

....The group tested 68 drinking water wells in the Marcellus and Utica shale drilling areas in northeastern Pennsylvania and southern New York State. Sixty of those wells were tested for dissolved gas. While most of the wells had some methane, the water samples taken closest to the gas wells had on average 17 times the levels detected in wells further from active drilling. The group defined an active drilling area as within one kilometer, or about six tenths of a mile, from a gas well.....

YouTube has a video from CBS that shows what it is like when methane from fracking is found in your home faucet:

It is clear that Mandel hasn't a clue about fracking and knows nothing about the wants and needs of Ohioans.  He is just parroting the wants and needs of his far right contributors, and those of Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Jim DeMint, and other extremists.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Arrogant, and Out of Touch

*  With Republican presidential candidates running all over the country before the primaries, there continues to be incredibly stupid things coming out of their mouths.

Raw Story has the latest from Republican Newt Gingrich:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich proposed Friday evening that public school janitors be replaced by children in order to help solve the income gap in America.....

“This is something that no liberal wants to deal with,” Gingrich said, according to Politico. “Core policies of protecting unionization and bureaucratization against children in the poorest neighborhoods, crippling them by putting them in schools that fail has done more to create income inequality in the United States than any other single policy. It is tragic what we do in the poorest neighborhoods, entrapping children in, first of all, child laws, which are truly stupid.”...

You say to somebody, you shouldn’t go to work before you’re what, 14, 16 years of age, fine. You’re totally poor,” he said. “You’re in a school that is failing with a teacher that is failing. I’ve tried for years to have a very simple model,” he said. “Most of these schools ought to get rid of the unionized janitors, have one master janitor and pay local students to take care of the school. The kids would actually do work, they would have cash, they would have pride in the schools, they’d begin the process of rising.”...

Wow. Gingrich has really shown his true self with this latest dumb idea. Gingrich wants to abandon child labor laws, allow poor children to go to work as janitors under a "master janitor," and pretty much abandon any chance for further education.  Did you notice that Newt used the word "master" to describe someone in charge of the children working?

Why am I not surprised that someone who had a credit account at Tiffany's (once owed Tiffany's up to $500,000, according to CBS) and took a Greek cruise in the middle of a campaign, would call child labor laws "stupid"?

As one pundit said on a talk show the other day, Gingrich's baggage has baggage. I'll let Stephen Colbert explain Newt:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Spill, baby, spill?

*  Oh, my.  They've done it again.

The Brazilian Federal Police's environmental affairs division alleges that an oil spill in an offshore field operated by Chevron (CVX) is "far bigger" than the company has stated, the Associated Press reports. 

The group says there is only one ship being used in the clean up, though Chevron says there are 18 ships being used. The drilling contractor for the well is Transocean (NYSE:RIG).....

As you may recall, Transocean was one of the companies involve in the Gulf of Mexico spill in 2010. A related story on Transocean comes from FuelFix:

Transocean Ltd. can’t blame the U.S. government for partial fault in the 2010 blowout of BP Plc’s Macondo Well in the Gulf of Mexico and subsequent oil spill, a judge said.

Transocean filed a claim against the U.S. in February, contending the incident may have been caused in part by the acts of federal agencies and government employees. Transocean was seeking a credit or offset on any prospective damages assessed against the company in the lawsuits....

...The accident and spill led to hundreds of lawsuits against London-based BP and its partners and contractors including Transocean, the Switzerland-based owner and operator of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig that exploded; Halliburton Co., which provided cementing services; Cameron International Corp., which provided blowout-prevention equipment; and BP’s minority partners in the well, Anadarko Petroleum Corp. and Mitsui & Co.’s Moex Offshore LLC unit.

Now Republicans, including Rep. Steve Stivers (OH-15) and John Boehner, want to allow more drilling to help pay for infrastructure repairs in the U.S., according to the CypressTimes.  In the CypressTimes story, those mentioned include Republicans Stivers, Boehner, John Mica, Doc Hastings, and Tim Murphy.

Open Secrets notes the following from the personal financial disclosures of those Republicans:
Stivers owns stock in Exxon Mobil
Boehner owns stock in Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil, Occidental Petroleum

Hey. I'm just saying.......

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sick and Tired

I'm sick and tired of certain things and people.  Since this is a democracy, these people have the right to speak, but please, not near me.

* What are the Kardashians?  I don't care which one got married, divorced, etc.  Why do people watch these media whores?

* Republicans are just downright nasty, boring, self-righteous, greedy, lying people.  Here is my example, from USA Today:

....Republican presidential candidates Rick Perry and Mitt Romney both claim President Obama said that "Americans are lazy." He didn't. To the contrary, Obama has consistently and repeatedly praised American workers as the "most productive in the world," a bit of boosterism he has repeated dozens of times. His recent words — "we've been a little bit lazy, I think, over the last couple of decades" — actually referred to collective efforts to promote foreign investment in the U.S., and not to American workers or voters as individuals. Perry and Romney simply rip those words out of their context in order to mislead....

Do you know what else is lazy??????
>     John Boehner is lazy for doing nothing to get people back to work.  It is much easier for Boehner to go to country clubs, golf courses, champagne toasts than to find out what has to be done to create jobs.  Repeating the same old "protect the rich" just makes me want to puke.
>     Steve Stivers is lazy for doing the work of the polluters and bankers who filled his campaign coffers with big buck.  I guess it takes work to find out what your constituents need.
>     Herman Cain is lazy because he didn't know that China had nukes, didn't know what happened in Libya, was clueless about Iran.  Don't these people read?????

>     The newspapers in Ohio are lazy because they refuse to investigate the backroom deals, firings, and mismanagement going on in the Kasich administration.  The media owners have not demanded the transparency that is required by Ohio law. The owners of Ohio newspapers are still in love with John Kasich while a majority of Ohioans have already dismissed his trickle down economics.

>  Newt Gingrich?  There are many links with Newt lying, but I cannot stand to hear his pompous, self-righteous, voice.  Let me sum up Gingrich's profile in as few words as possible:  married 3 times, divorced twice, check scandal, resigned from House post in disgrace, self-promoter, etc., etc.......  Read the Esquire article about Newt.
>      Mitt Romney is lazy because (I have a list, but I'll try to be brief.)
(a.) Romney tied his dog carrier, with the dog inside, to the top of his car while the family went on a long car trip.  It must have been hard to think of an alternative way to take care of the family pet.  Did he hate his dog so much that he put Seamus at risk of being hurt?

(b.) Despite having five sons, Romney's excuse for none of them being in the military, was lame.  Obviously, Romney never heard of the Sullivan brothers.

(c.) It must have been much easier for Romney and his company, Bain, to take the money, layoff people, and close businesses, rather than put effort into running a business and keeping people and a community working. Taking the money and running shows greed.

(d.) Romney was for SB 5 (Ohio's Issue 2), then he was against it, and then for it.  Does it take that much for Romney to remember something?

(e.)  Romney's health care legislation that he championed while he was governor of Massachusetts, is now something he refuses to talk about in townhall meetings/interviews.

(f.) Romney was for a woman's right to have reproductive freedom, but now he is against it.

In all these example, Romney is too, too lazy to remember and care.  Does he think that the public is so stupid that we won't remember what he said and what he did?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Arrests in Columbus

* Just as we've seen police in other cities arrest Occupy Wall Street protesters, Columbus Police have also made arrests here.  Dispatch:

Seven Occupy Columbus participants were arrested yesterday afternoon while protesting at a Downtown bank.

The protesters were arrested about 12:45 p.m. at the US Bank branch at 10 W. Broad St., said Sgt. Rich Weiner of the Columbus police. They were charged with trespassing, a misdemeanor....

....US Bank security asked the protesters to leave and they refused, Weiner said. Columbus police officers arrested the seven after officers also asked them to leave the bank....

Despite arrests here and around the country, the Occupy Wall Street movement is certainly making a statement about the greed, avarice, and the selfishness we see with see on Wall Street. As if that was not enough,  Republican elected officials continue to protect the rich while cutting programs for children, education, the elderly, and disabled.

>>>>>   Thank goodness there is still some common sense out there!  The plan to lease land in the Wayne National Forest has been delayed (see Disptach).  The leases were to go out to companies to frack/drill.  With reports around the country showing methane pouring out of faucets and igniting, explosions, contaminated water, and other hazards, I'm glad to see a halt to fracking on national land.  Will Ohio follow?????

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cain and Romney---Not for Me!

*  Republican Herman Cain's recent interview on camera shows a man not ready for the White House, prime time, or any intelligent discussion on foreign policy.  See USA Today.

* The Iowa Independent has a revealing article about some people involved in the Mitt Romney campaign-- They are vehemently anti-gay, and anti-women's reproductive freedom.:

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced the members of his Social Conservatives Statewide Steering Committee today; the list includes prominent anti-gay rights and anti-abortion rights activists in Florida’s Christian right circles.....

...The state co-chairs of the committee include state Sen. Anitere Flores, Pat Neal, Nancy McGowan and state Rep. Daniel Davis.

Flores has positioned herself as one of the state Legislature’s most active anti-abortion policy-makers. Last session, she successfully introduced a ballot measure (set to appear in the 2012 ballot) that would roll back a woman’s right to privacy in the Florida constitution....

Wasn't Romney for a woman's reproductive freedom before he was against it???????

Monday, November 14, 2011

This and That

The Republicans and their "debates" seem to get crazier every single time they have one.  With Bachmann and Cain indicating their push for waterboarding, you just have to wonder if they don't realize that waterboarding is tortue.  Since President Obama's declaration to end waterboarding, the U.S. military has successfully gotten rid of major terrorist threats.

Mitt Romney wants to go to war with Iran, as of Saturday.  Of course, with Romney, that could change. Does Romney think that he is making himself appear tough?

*  My husband wants me to stop yelling at the TV.  He says that I should just stop listening to the right wingers. It is true that watching Republicans speak raises my blood pressure, but screaming "liar" at them as they appear on my screen does make me feel better.

****  Do you get that impression that Herman Cain really doesn't take women seriously?

>>>>  Why are the Republicans attacking Elizabeth Warren, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate?  Nothing scares GOPers more than a smart, outspoken woman.

* Speaking of women------  How in the world can anyone take Newt Gingrich as a serious candidate?  I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him!  His elitism and respect for women are disgusting. Gingrich has been married three times and divorced twice.  How many other Americans have a revolving credit account at Tiffany's??? Besides, where does his wife wear all those fancy schmancy diamonds and jewels?  Needless to say, the only fancy places I go to include church, Krogers, and Whole Foods.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanks, Vets!

To all those veterans out there:

 Thank you for your service to our country.


The choices in the Republican Party for a presidential candidate leave a lot to be desired. I don't plan on voting for a Republican, and I'm just wondering what people see in the GOP candidates. From my perspective, I see a flip-flopper (Romney), a man who disrespects women (Cain), and a man that disrespects women and marriage (Gingrich). 

The Christian Science Monitor has results from a recent CBS poll that shows one candidate tanking among women:

...The CBS poll, conducted in the field Nov. 6-10, shows that Mr. Cain, mired in sexual harassment allegations, has lost support among women since October: Then, 28 percent backed the former Godfather’s Pizza chief, but now, 15 percent support him. Romney, meanwhile, has seen his backing with men erode, but Gingrich has received an eight-point bump among them....

Gingrich gaining among female Republican voters???? It must be his revolving accounts at Tiffany's that has caught their attention.

In my humble opinion, Perry and Bachmann will never be ready for national office. I cannot even discuss Santorum without wondering if he landed on this planet from a time machine from the dark ages.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cornyn is Wrong About A Lot!

* What a moron!  Sen. John Cronyn of Texas had some extremely stupid things to say, recently, but it is just part of his history.


Why shouldn’t same sex couples have equal rights? According to Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), it’s because equality is just too expensive.

“Repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) would actually result in an expansion of federal benefits and spending at a time when we know that federal spending is way out of control and our entitlement programs are unsustainable,” he told the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday. 

“Repealing the Defense of Marriage Act would actually increase the cost of Social Security that is already insolvent,” he added. “No one has paid into the Social Security system expecting benefits to be paid to same sex partners.”

Do you know what is too expensive for this country? I think that having morons in the U.S. Senate like Cornyn costs this country too, too much.  Would it be okay if the U.S. stopped allowing oil and gas concerns from contributing to political campaigns?  According to OpenSecrets, Cornyn has received over $1.8 million in contributions from people associated with oil and gas companies.

Despite the economic situation the country is experiencing, Cornyn and his ilk have gone after Planned Parenthood!!!  Why is Cornyn spouting lies about Planned Parenthood? Cornyn and his Republicans in the House and Senate have wasted their time and energy being concerned about our uteruses instead of getting people back to work.

Cornyn says he supports veterans but he has continued to vote against funding for our vets and their health care. Shame on Cornyn and his Republicans for their lies, and self-serving, right wing agenda.

Cornyn's record on veterans has been documented by TxVeterans on YouTube:

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Kasich Not Finished

In a story at Raw Story, Gov. John Kasich said that it was "time to pause" in additional actions against unions. 

According to the Ohio Secretary of State's website, 61% of the voters voted NO on Issue 2. That is a total of 2,145,042 votes against Issue 2.  However, absentee ballots have not yet been added into the total.  It also should be noted that in the 2010 election for governor, Kasich received 1,889,186 votes. Over 255,000 more people voted against Issue 2 than for Kasich.  Yet Kasich wants to "pause." 

We have a few years to go before Kasich would come up for re-election on November 4th, 2014.  Work hard. Be fair. Keep one eye on the future, and one eye on the Republicans.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kasich's Poor Choice of Shirts

>>>>> Gov. John "elitist" Kasich has a shirt on from an exclusive, all male, golf club, according to ThinkProgress:

Today, Ohioans will decide on Issue 2, a referendum on GOP Gov. John Kasich’s deeply unpopular anti-labor law Senate Bill 5. In its print-version of a story on how voters “are set to roundly reject” his “signature achievement, Politico included a picture of the beleaguered Kasich stumping for his law at a Building A Better Ohio meeting. What’s striking about this image, however, is his shirt. It appears that Kasich decided to step out at a public event in a polo shirt bearing the logo of the Pine Valley Golf Club — an invitation-only, male-only country club.

Described as one of the “most exclusive” clubs in the world, Pine Valley Golf Club in Camden, New Jersey is “male-only membership” that is offered “by invitation from the board of directors only.” The membership list is “a closely guarded secret” and women wishing to play the course are permitted only on Sunday afternoons......

Why am I not surprised?  Mr. Elitist just doesn't get why picking on the middle class is wrong.

***  Time Magazine has their take on Issue 2 and Gov. John Kasich:

...Kasich’s tenure hasn’t gone as planned. The former TV personality and investment banker is currently the nation’s second-least popular sitting governor behind Hawaii Democrat Neil Abercrombie, according to the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, with ratings that have mostly hovered in the 30s. And on Tuesday, he’s likely to see his signature legislation, a bill that curbs collective-bargaining rights for public employees, repealed in a hotly contested referendum. It would be a telling rebuke to the governor who made it a centerpiece of his platform. “If voters could do the governor’s race over again, they would,” says PPP’s Tom Jensen....

If Ohioans could do a "do-over" in the governor's election, I'm sure many people would not vote for him.  But then again, I did not vote for him because I knew he was an a**#+@#.

* The Today Show's guests this morning included one of the sons and one grandson of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Dusty Rogers noted the celebration of what would have been Roy Rogers 100th birthday. There are many of us who fondly remember the show in the 1950's that featured Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Trigger, and the rest of the gang.  Do you still know all the words to "Happy Trails to You" (check out the RoyRogers website to check the lyrics)?

Monday, November 07, 2011

Earthquakes in Oklahoma?

There was a earthquake in Oklahoma a few days ago. According to CNN, the quake and aftershocks continue:

....The 5.6-magnitude quake struck four miles east of Sparks in Lincoln County at 11:53 p.m. ET Saturday.
It hit struck the same area where a 4.7-magnitude quake struck just hours earlier -- at 3:12 a.m. ET Saturday.
By 8 a.m. Sunday, geologists had recorded more than 30 aftershocks.....

What could have caused the quakes?
PESN has this:

....This is not a natural earthquake. This is due to fracking operations going on in the area. Sorry for the folks making excuses for the oil and gas operations. This one is theirs at 5 km (3.1miles, 16,500 Feet). Its depth is square in the region affected by their drilling. It may in fact be exactly at their drill depth.
On November 5, 2011 at 2:12 AM CDT (07:12:45.4 UTC) an magnitude 4.7 earthquake occurred in Lincoln County, Oklahoma. This turned out to be a foreshock to a much larger earthquake. The mainshock occurred at 10:53 PM CDT (11-6 03:53:10 UTC). The earthquakes occurred about 6 miles northwest of Prague and 5.2 miles southeast of Sparks. These earthquakes occurred very close to where a magnitude 4.3 earthquake occurred on February 27, 2010. From the location of the earthquake and the focal mechanism it is most likely that this earthquake occurred on the Wilzetta fault also known as the Seminole uplift. We are currently working to locate the numerous aftershocks will continue to update information as we can. (Oklahoma Geological Survey)
There are several points here
(1) This is massive. The force here is equivalent to about 100 million tons of TNT detonation.
(2) This earthquake has the potential for very real damage to things like hydroelectric pools.
(3) This may in fact be below the fracking operations somewhat but it is well within the zone that is affected by the ground shifts associated with these operations.
(4) While some of the energy here may be natural in origin, this is a man caused event.....

Ohioans should get ready for earthquakes here since Gov. Kasich and his corporate buddies will be fracking in the state very soon, if they haven't already started.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Fair Warning

A piece over at Opednews gives Ohioans the real threat that Republicans bring---- the chance that they'll tamper with this election as they've done in the past:

..Polls show the repeal winning by 25% or more. But will it -- like the 2004 presidential election -- be stolen by the 1% intent on crushing working people and stealing huge sums of money? 

.....The attack has the loud, persistent support of Wall Street's hand-picked Governor John Kasich, who made millions as a Foxist commentator and Lehman bond dealer. Among other things, Kasich helped pawn $400 million in Lehman's junk bonds onto the Ohio teacher's pension fund, making him a multi-millionaire. Control of that money would be directly affected by the outcome of this referendum.....

...In July of this year, posted the architectural maps used in Blackwell's 2004 voting operation in Ohio. His electronic reporting operation was designed by a partisan Republican firm, GovTech and linked directly to servers at the premier Republican and right-wing tech company SmarTech in Chattanooga, Tennessee. See New court filing reveals how the 2004 Ohio presidential election was hacked....

Ohioans will be watching to see if the vote is close to what the polls indicated.  If the Republicans pull a fast one and alter our votes, there would be massive demonstrations across the state.

Vote NO on Issues 1, 2, and 3.  

Oh, no!  Kasich lied again!  Politifact Ohio looks at Kasich's latest claim:

...PolitiFact Ohio rated Kasich's claim Pants on Fire.

...Out-of-state mediators cannot resolve disputes under the state's rules for binding arbitration -- and that is the specific process Kasich has repeatedly criticized. 

His office cited another procedure seldom used by safety forces, who are covered by the binding arbitration rules, that could allow an out-of-state mediator. But that doesn't make this claim accurate. 

And as the state government's chief executive and leading spokesman for reforming the state's collective-bargaining rules for public employees, Kasich should know that....

Kasich knows that out of state people cannot be used in these binding arbitration because the law forbids it.  How can anyone trust Kasich?

There is a lesson in all this for Ohio's public employees--- you cannot trust the Republicans.

Friday, November 04, 2011

What was your tax rate?

* Here is something that will raise your blood pressure-- 

Citizens for Tax Justice:

280 Most Profitable U.S. Corporations Shelter Half Their Profits from Taxes.
“These 280 corporations received a total of nearly $224 billion in tax subsidies,” said Robert McIntyre, Director at Citizens for Tax Justice and the report’s lead author. “This is wasted money that could have gone to protect Medicare, create jobs and cut the deficit.”

...30 Companies average less than zero tax bill in the last three Years, 78 had at least one no-tax year.....
....U.S. corporations with significant foreign profits paid tax rates to foreign countries that were almost a third higher than they paid to the IRS on their domestic profits....

Full Report Here

There is a lot within this report and some of it applies to companies with Ohio ties.  This is just a smidgen of the info:

(Effective Federal Corporate Income Tax Rates)

Ashland (page 25: 3 yr.: tax rate 6.7%), 
J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. (page 26: 3 yr. tax rate 30.1%)
Omnicare (page 27: 3 yr.: tax rate 5.1%)
Marathon Oil (page 30: 3yr. tax rate 15.8%)

Which candidates and elected officials don't want to raise taxes on corporations and millionaires?????

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Republicans Have No Time to Create Jobs

*This week the Republican-controlled House of Representatives put a bill on their agenda to demonstrate "In God We Trust" while millions of Americans are unemployed.  Obviously, people losing their homes, unable to feed their families, and having utilities shut off, doesn't matter to the Republicans.

Today, in the U.S. Senate, the Republicans were involved in more roadblocks to the economic recovery of families and the nation.

USA Today:

Republicans in the Senate have killed legislation sponsored by President Obama to spend $60 billion on building and repairing roads, rail lines and other infrastructure to help kick-start the sluggish economy.

The 51-49 vote fell well short of the 60 votes required under Senate procedures to start work on the bill. The infrastructure measure is the third in a string of Senate defeats for Obama's stimulus-style jobs agenda, which would be financed by a tax surcharge on the very wealthy....

The Republicans keep protecting the 1%, while the 99% just try to make it day to day.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Who is Mitt Romney?

I saw this video from PrioritiesUSAction posted over at DailyKos and wanted to share it.


>  Here are some other little bits of information about Romney:

In a story from Outside the Beltway in 2007, Romney responded this way when asked why none of his five sons had not served in the military:
“One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.”

 Voting for Romney?  Not a chance.  As a dog owner, there is no way I'd vote for a person who mistreated their own family pet. (See ABC News)

Boehner's Friends?

* Do you want to join a group that protects the rich, the corporate titans, and the top 1% of the top income bracket?  Have I got a special interest group for you!!!!!

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Wednesday launched Team Boehner, a new website designed to be a central location for his social media efforts focusing on the upcoming 2012 elections.

Boehner called the new effort “an innovative & grassroots oriented website [to] empower the people, not the [government]” at the new Twitter feed created for the website. “Our site will connect @JohnBoehner [with] the millions of Americans who understand that the bigger our [government] gets, the smaller its people become,” reads a subsequent tweet....

“Team Boehner members get the inside scoop on our efforts to secure freedom for the American people, and fight for a smaller, less costly and more accountable government,” Boehner said in a video welcoming people to the site....

"Team Boehner" sounds like a club for the rich elite, complete with special handshake, club t-shirts, and private wine tastings.  Needless to say, the 99% won't be invited.

*** This just in....  ClevelandJewishNews:

Former Republican congressional candidate Richard Iott, who participated in reenactments of Nazi battles, dressing up in SS uniforms, donated $2,400 to House Speaker John Boehner's political action committee, according to Federal Election Commission filings. The National Jewish Democratic Council called on Boehner to return Iott's money. Last week, it was reported that Iott gave $1,000 to Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel's Senate campaign.
Click here for more.

Need I say more?

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What else is new???

>>>>  There are more layoffs in Ohio. The Ohio Dept. of Jobs and Family Services Warn Notices:

Gonzalez Contract Services/Toledo (Lucas Co.) =176 people

Yet Gov. Kasich claims his strategies are creating jobs?????

*** Josh Mandel, current Ohio Treasurer and Republican candidate for Senate, is over 170 days late in filing his personal financial disclosure. 170 days late!!!!  OMG!  What is he afraid to disclose?  Is he trying to figure a way out of following the law? Shame. Shame.

*  Gov. John Kasich just doesn't get it. So what else is new?


Despite pleas to save Seneca County’s 1884 courthouse from Gov. John Kasich all the way up to the president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Seneca County commissioners remained resolute Tuesday in their 2- to-1 position in favor of demolition.

Democratic Commissioner Ben Nutter said after the meeting with courthouse advocates that he finds it ironic that the same governor who slashed funding to local governments would urge commissioners to defer demolition.

“I think it’s actually hypocritical of the governor who has decimated local budgets across the state to now come in and offer up a plan that would have us spend more money,” Mr. Nutter said.....

John Kasich made the budget cuts and he has to learn to deal with it too.  If he wants something done, he can suggest it, and discuss it with people, but he is not a dictator. He cannot get everything he wants.  If he refuses to fund something, he too has to suffer the consequences. 

Think of how budget cuts will change other areas of our lives in Ohio.  John Kasich cut public school funding, but he will still demand that schools, teachers, and administrators, and students perform at high levels. When a governor makes the kinds of cuts like Kasich did, the results are not always what was expected.