Sunday, October 29, 2006

What I Learned Today

Today I learned that

1. Michael Steele is a Republican and he has no plan to get out of Iraq.
2. Michael Steele was the state Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party.
3. Mike Lupica and other sportswriters need to give more respect to Troy Smith and the Buckeyes.
4. When the wind roars around Ohio Stadium at 40 mph, tailgate tents blow away, my toes get cold, and the Buckeyes are still hot.
5. David Letterman knows how to level a smackdown to "bonehead" Bill O'Reilly.
6. Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt of Ohio's 2nd congressional district, would allow nuclear waste to be stored/dumped in her district.
7. Pat Tillman's brother, Kevin, is appealing to Americans to remember his brother on election day.
8. The administration tries to help Deborah Pryce by giving a well-timed transportation grant. Pryce still trails Dem Kilroy in the polls.
9. Republican John Boehner hearts Rumsfeld.
10. Republican Sen. George Allen had multiple arrest warrants were issued for him in 1974.
11. To change the direction of this country, you've got to throw the Republican bums out of the House and the Senate.