Thursday, October 03, 2013

Insane Republican Idea

Ohio Republicans seem to hatch the craziest ideas. A few years ago, Ohio had SB5 which would have taken protections away from workers.  A new proposal from an Ohio Republican would put health care for the poor into to the hands of unlicensed medical trainees.


Republican State Rep John Becker has a solution to Ohio’s healthcare woes and it goes something like this:
1.  Pick one hospital in every urban area to be “designated for indigent care”
2.  Staff the hospital with low-paid “interns, volunteers, students and trainees”
3.  Give all of the hospital workers “immunity from malpractice litigation”
4.  Force all poor people to ”be transferred to their designated” indigent hospital....

....Ohio already has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country for African American children, and the fourth highest rate in the country.   And neighborhoods around the hospitals Becker suggests we designate indigent-only facilities have rates that are off the charts; rates higher than countries like Vietnam and Libya.

Becker’s plan would most certainly result in even higher infant mortality rates, especially when combined with a another bill Becker introduced in August (HB 255) that would kick thousands of Ohio’s pregnant women and low income families off Medicaid and into the type of care Becker hopes will now be performed by interns, students and trainees.....

The bill sponsored by Becker is HB 271. Plunderbund has more information on the bill.  John Becker seems to be tossing the poor out in the garbage.

State Rep. John Becker has also added his two cents after a ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black.

....Republican Rep. John Becker is pretty upset that a terminally ill gay man has earned the right to die in peace, and now it’s become a very real possibility that other gay Ohioans might also get to die (and live) in peace. And, just like my brother, he’s kind of trying to ruin the game for everyone just because he’s losing....

.....In his ruling, Black called the case “not complicated,” explaining that he’d allow the marriage to be legalized on Arthur’s death certificate because it was likely a constitutional violation that the state of Ohio treated lawful out-of-state same-sex marriages differently than lawful out-of-state same-sex marriages.....

....Becker..... wrote U.S. Rep. Brad Wenstrup and called for Black to be impeached for “malfeasance and abuse of power,” which apparently made him really concerned about the “federal government’s ever growing propensity to violate state sovereignty.”   

As City Beat notes, "...U.S. District Court judges are appointed for life... "  

Ohioans are tired of these self-righteous Republicans who call themselves religious, but are against the poor, children, decency, and equality.  It is time to throw the Republican bums out of office here in Ohio and in Congress---especially those that promote tea party Republican ideology.