Monday, June 02, 2014

Your Money

You might find this interesting..... 

Anchor Hocking, which recently closed one of the plants in Ohio, was the recipient of development money from Gov. Kasich's JobsOhio. Anchor Hocking received $3,000,000, according to a database posted at the Toledo Blade.

* Why did Gov. John Kasich stop the renewable energy directives in Ohio? Was Kasich's relationship with the Koch Brothers a major influence? Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor, Ed Fitzgerald suggests it played a part in Kasich's decision.


Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald thinks the infamous Koch brothers are making a mess in his state.

The Ohio Legislature and Gov. John Kasich drew national headlines last week when they moved to halt their state's renewable energy mandates — the first such renewable energy roll-back nationally, according to the New York Times. Now, FitzGerald, Kasich's Democratic opponent, is coming out swinging.....

"Look, he's not going to say why he's for it," said FitzGerald, arguing the two-year freeze was on the path to becoming a permanent blow against wind and solar energy in his state. "Why do I think he's for it? It doesn't make any sense ... unless you factor in money."

Is Kasich's blow to renewable energy a step to impress the Kochs??? It certainly does not win him the support of those of us in Ohio that support renewable energy, clean air, and clean water.