Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another Bad Idea

How would John Kasich help veterans? Vouchers!!! CNN had Kasich's response.  (Vouchers which seem to be his solution for everything, including schools.)

Vouchers would be a bad idea.  Vouchers would not cover all of the various conditions that veterans might have. Many of our veterans suffer from PTSD and most doctors don't have experience in dealing with it.

Kasich also suggested bringing in businesses to help solve problems. This is just another ploy to get his wealthy friends involved. When a business takes over an agency, profit $$$$$$  is their only motivation.

There are better ways to care for our veterans------

1.  Stop having unnecessary wars!

2.  Fully fund health care for veterans (Republican cuts to the program have destabilized the veteran health care programs.).

Kasich has suggested he wants more boots on the ground in those ongoing wars in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Kasich's idea is part of the Republican strategy of unending, continuous war, and it would only make veteran health care worse.