Monday, May 23, 2016

Ohio is still hurting....

You can be certain, that if Gov. Kasich and his appointees are in charge, Ohio citizens are getting hurt.

The Dispatch has a story showing how the Kasich administration mismanaged federal foreclosure money. Despite warnings from various officials, the Republican Kasich administration went ahead with their opinion of how money should be spent. As a result, according to the Dispatch---

'....likely cost the state tens of millions of dollars in federal assistance for a state that continues to have one of the worst foreclosure rates in the nation....'

And if that wasn't enough on Kasich's failure to help Ohioans, Plunderbund notes: 

...Kasich Extends Ohio’s Sub-Par Job Growth To 41 Straight Months
The sad news for Ohio following the new April data and the revisions to prior 2016 months, Mr. Zeller said today, is that Ohio has gained only 2,400 jobs during the first four months of 2016.

“Ohio’s job growth rate between April 2015 and April 2016 fell to an anemic 1.24%, while the USA national job growth rate for April 2016 was also a slowing 1.88%,” Zeller note. April 2016 marks the 41st consecutive month when Job growth under current Gov. John Kasich was below the USA national average.....

....Mr. Zeller said the “horrible April 2016 Ohio job figures wiped out prior increases, and once again moved Ohio to a position where it has 34,100 fewer jobs today than it had in June 2007, the Ohio peak employment month prior to the ‘Great Recession.'”

Kasich's 'miracle' never was a miracle-----it was a nightmare.