Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Game?

According to the BBC, a game at an arcade in England, called "Whack-a-banker," has become so popular that the inventor has had to replace the mallets:

Inventor Tim Hunkin introduced "Whack a Banker", which is based on the older "Whack a Mole" game, at his arcade on Southwold pier in Suffolk.

Instead of players hitting pop-up moles with a mallet, within a set time, the target is pop-up bald figures....

I'm sure that many Americans would love to play this game considering how bankers created the financial mess we are experiencing. I wonder how people in Ohio's 15th district will feel about a Republican candidate for Congress who worked for years as a bank lobbyist. The Republican candidate, Steve Stivers, is a former bank lobbyist and former state senator. As a state senator, Stivers voted against a bill to crack down on predatory lenders. Who has Stivers represented? Banks? Predatory lenders?

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