Friday, December 04, 2009


In my humble opinion, Sarah Palin is an idiot. Here is more evidence to add to my case----

Huffington Post:

Sarah Palin declared on Thursday that the legitimacy of President Obama's birth certificate is "rightfully" an issue with the American public, and that it is "fair game" for politicians to question Obama's citizenship.

The comments came during an interview with conservative radio host Rusty Humphries, who asked Palin whether she planned to "make the birth certificate an issue" if she runs for president in 2012.....

Add these comments from Palin to the fact that English only reporters were let in at her recent appearance at the Mall of America (TPMLiveWire). Sarah Palin's intelligence should be questioned. She did not know that Africa was a continent and she seemed to be uninterested and ignorant about Latin American issues during last year's campaign. The only reason that her book has sold so many copies is that right wing websites and organizations are giving away her books.