Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi (OH-12th) represents my neighborhood. Tiberi has been in the House of Representatives since 2001 and has sponsored 49 bills (see GovTrack).  According to GovTrack, only 3 of his bills have been signed into law by the President.  Of those 3 bills, one of them was the naming of a post office.  Apparently, Tiberi is not interested in getting people back to work. That would take too much work.

**** Polls! Polls! Polls!  Various polls collected and posted at RealClearPolitics shows  Congress has an average disapproval rate of 74.8 %.  Wow.

* The Springboro Community City School District in Ohio is hearing from parents and students who object to the crackpot suggestion from their school board.


Parents and students in Ohio on Tuesday spoke out against a proposal that would allow creationism to be taught in biology classes....

...The Springboro Community City School District is considering a so-called “critical thinking” policy that would require teachers to explore “all sides” of controversial issues. The proposed policy change would direct teachers to discuss creation science or intelligent design when teaching about the theory of evolution....

....Kelly Kohls, the school board president, told WDTN the policy would encourage honest debates about “the strengths and weaknesses of scientific issues.”

According to the website put up by Kelly Kohls, she has several degrees in the area of human nutrition, but nothing in the area of educating elementary or high school students. Kohls is pushing her far right anti-science agenda. If she gets her way, the students of Springboro lose. Students will score lower on state and national exams, and even on college entrance exams.

Kelly Kohls is also the President of the Warren County (Ohio) Tea Party.