Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wendy Davis

Women should look to Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis as an example of strength, leadership, and what one person can do. With the help of concerned women in the gallery, Davis was able to stop the Texas GOP's draconian women's health care bill.


Despite barely beating a midnight deadline, hundreds of jeering protesters helped stop Texas lawmakers from passing one of the toughest abortion measures in the country.

As the protesters raised the noise to deafening levels in the Texas Senate chamber late Tuesday, Republicans scrambled to gather their colleagues at the podium for a stroke-of-midnight vote on some of the toughest abortion restrictions in the country....

....In either point of view, a raucous crowd of chanting, singing, shouting demonstrators effectively took over the Texas Capitol and blocked a bill that abortion rights groups warned would close most abortion clinics in the state....

It is time for women across the country to stand up against the Republicans. We will not go back to the days when women had no rights. As Wendy Davis and the women of Texas demonstrated, women must speak up to oppose any infringement of our rights in the workplace, in the doctor's office, and in the state house.