Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, performed like a clown during his 21 hour talk-a-thon. It was NOT a filibuster, but just a display of Cruz's inflated ego. It served no purpose but to perform in front of his tea party fan club.

After Cruz's talk-a-thon, he followed the Senate agenda.

He spent more than 21 straight hours railing against any government funding for Obamacare. Then Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas joined the other 99 senators from both parties in voting Wednesday to move ahead on a spending plan expected to do just that.

The rare 100-0 vote on a procedural step means the spending measure that would avoid a partial government shutdown next week now can be amended by Senate Democrats to restore funding for President Barack Obama's signature health care reforms, which had been eliminated last week by House Republicans.....

Ted Cruz provided a platform for himself.