Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ohio GOP Fails at Math- Again

Let us never forget September 11th.

* Gov. John Kasich's administration and the Republican Party just want you to know that there is nothing wrong with the the fact that appointees and JobsOhio members are contributing massive funds to his re-election campaign. Instead, they want you to look at the smaller inappropriate contribution made to Democrat Ed Fitzgerald that has already been returned.


Gov. John Kasich has received about $445,000 in campaign contributions from people he appointed to state boards and commissions in 2011, according to numbers provided by the Ohio Democratic Party.

Those figures, which were independently verified by The Dispatch, show that Kasich received contributions totaling $445,301 from 101 people who were among the hundreds he appointed during his first year in office, including more than $64,000 from JobsOhio board members.

The contributions are permitted by state law and are common for gubernatorial appointees for most administrations. The total dollar amount Kasich has received from his appointees is likely much higher — there have been hundreds more appointments made in Kasich’s second and third years as governor....

Let me see if I get this straight......  According to the Ohio GOP, $445,000 is smaller that the $1000 that Fitzgerald received (and has already returned).  We know Republicans have never been good at math except when they are on the receiving end of cash! We may need to have some second and third graders teach the Republicans this little math fact:  $445,000  >  $1000.