Monday, November 11, 2013

Ohio Needs Him

Talking Points Memo has a super news item on Democrat Ed Fitzgerald, candidate for Ohio Governor.

Here is an excerpt from TPM

...According to FitzGerald, Kasich's policies are "laying the foundation" for corruption to be a major problem in Ohio.

"What they're doing with economic development out there, I am so opposed to the philosophy that's guiding it right now," said FitzGerald. "Here's what they've done, they've gone from saying government should be run like a business. ... They're running it as a private corporation. ... They took the state's economic development company, they put it into a corporation they claim is private, but the governor appoints all the members of it. They are approving loans to other companies that they have received compensation from and that they have sat on the board of, including some that they currently sit on the board of."

FitzGerald, who also worked as a country prosecutor, described the current situation in Ohio as reminiscent of his experiences in law enforcement...

Ohio needs Fitzgerald to clean up the state!


Oh, no! Joe Scarborough is on Hardball with Chris Matthews. Why do people like Scarborough idolize and worship Ronald Reagan??? I lived through 2 Reagan administrations and they were not good for average Americans.