Friday, November 08, 2013


Huffington Post has news about the latest action by employees of Walmart:

Surrounded by about 100 police officers in riot gear and a helicopter circling above, more than 50 Walmart workers and supporters were arrested in downtown Los Angeles Thursday night as they sat in the street protesting what they called the retailer's "poverty wages." 

Organizers said it was the largest single act of civil disobedience in Walmart's 50-year history. The 54 arrestees, with about 500 protesting Walmart workers, clergy and supporters, demonstrated outside LA's Chinatown Walmart. Those who refused police orders to clear the street after their permit expired were arrested without incident. Those who fail to post $5,000 bail would be jailed overnight, Detective Gus Villanueva, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman, told The Huffington Post...

"Where is the American economy going if we're all working poverty wages?," Sellers said. "There will be no working class. We'll all be in a poverty class."

This is why I don't shop at Walmart. Period.

>>>  WKSU is reporting more info involving the Suarez Corporation investigation.

New details are emerging about the connection between North Canton-based Suarez Corporation Industries and several republican lawmakers.

The company’s owner has been charged with making illegal campaign contributions while facing a consumer protection law investigation in California.

Founder Benjamin Suarez sought help from numerous Ohio officials in the case, including Governor John Kasich.....

Read the entire story at WKSU.

*** It looks like CBS News has a problem with their report on Benghazi-----CBS got it WRONG!