Friday, December 27, 2013

Ohio's Mess

The following is an example of some of the Ohio Republicans who've been elected in the state legislature.


Buchy doesn't care or want to know why a woman would seek an abortion. Like most Ohio Republicans, it is just their way of controlling women.

* * *

In case you are interested, there is no economic miracle in Ohio. If Gov. John Kasich and member of the Ohio GOP try to tell you that, just call it what it is---- BS.

.....The national unemployment rate not too long ago exceeded the rate here. That has reversed, Ohio at 7.4 percent, the country at 7 percent....

....Part of the trouble facing the governor results from his own actions. If he has closed a huge budget hole and launched initiatives, from the third-grade reading guarantee to JobsOhio, he also celebrated early, when Washington was no less troubled, declaring on his watch mounting interest in a “miracle” here.....

....there has been a sharp slowing the past year of momentum, the state adding a mere 19,800 jobs....

Kasich has been a failure at creating jobs in Ohio.  W.P. Carey School of Business notes that Ohio is 46th in job creation. The only people that benefit are those CEO's at corporations that have received tax incentives and grant money from JobsOhio. The regular people in Ohio are losing jobs, services, and are facing cutbacks to our schools. The increase of school levies on the ballot demonstrates that Kasich's cuts to schools have forced districts to go to voters more frequently. 

Someone is making out on Kasich's "trickle down economics" and it isn't the people of Ohio.