Monday, December 09, 2013

Targeting Women Voters

The Republican Party has had a difficult time getting support from women voters. Now, the GOP is going to try some special training so that Republican candidates learn how to talk to women.


Republicans may be pretending to learn how to talk to women, but don’t get the idea they really care what women think. Nothing with regard to the substance of Republican policies toward women is really changing. 

The GOP has spent all of 2013 trying to prevent women from having access to contraception or access to accurate medical information about abortion – let alone access to an abortion itself. Just look what they did in Kansas early this year if you must have an example.

For Republican men, women are still the second-class citizens, the inferior humans, they have been historically. Pretend the Nineteenth Amendment never happened: When Republicans want an opinion out of a woman, they’ll give it to her and then tell her to “shut her hole” and let the cranky old white men govern as God intended....

Women are smart enough to know that Republicans are still going to pedal the same old right wing agenda. It won't matter if Republicans take sensitivity training because they are still against women's reproductive rights, limiting birth control, blocking equal pay for equal work, public schools, and keeping Social Security. These are concerns of women and Republicans don't care about any of these items.

If you are interested in what women really think of Republicans, check out Jezebel's opinions on the GOP outreach to women. Face it---- women believe the GOP is a party of old white guys that care only about old white guys, especially those with lots of money.