Wednesday, January 15, 2014


* More layoffs coming to Ohio?


...Avon Lake's Mayor: More layoffs than expected likely at Ford plant
Northeast Ohio’s auto industry is bracing for layoffs this summer, and more than expected. In late 2011, Ford announced it would invest $128 million to retool its Avon Lake plant to switch from making vans to manufacturing chassis for trucks and RVs. Those plans included the elimination of about 100 jobs. Avon Lake mayor Greg Zilka tells the Plain Dealer he’s now been told to brace for a greater number of layoffs after the plant temporarily shuts down this summer.
The plant currently employs 1,800 people.....

* An Ohio tea party group wants to have a primary challenger for Speaker of the House John Boehner. The Dispatch has details.

* Two Target stores are closing in Ohio. WCPO has the locations.

* Gov. Kasich was asked if he might run for President. has his answer. 

* How are Gov. Chris Christie and Gov. John Kasich alike? Besides bullying teachers, disrespecting police, and making drastic cuts to public education, they have something else in common---


...Christie said he Kasich “get along very well because we have very similar approaches to governing.

“We’re both very direct, we say what we believe, and we do so enthusiastically,” Christie said.

>>>> You need to be watching the Rachel Maddow Show at 9pm on MSNBC. She is the smartest woman on television.  Maddow has been fantastic in her coverage of the Chris Christie bridge scandal.