Sunday, January 05, 2014

Republicans Fail to Deliver Jobs

What can we do to get more people employed and end homelessness?

When given the opportunity to create jobs, the Republicans have refused to do anything. Their solution always comes to the same thing----the "trickle down" method--- tax cuts to the rich.  Face it. We've given tax cuts to the wealthy and the so-called "job creators, " but nothing has come from it.  Here in Ohio, Republican Gov. John Kasich has continued to shower tax cuts, tax credits, and grant money to his corporate buddies, but our unemployment rate remains higher than the national average.

Added to the unemployed are the military veterans who've returned, but they are also finding it difficult to find jobs. A recent story at, highlights some of the struggles that the homeless and unemployed vets are dealing with everyday.

Republican members of Congress state that they support our troops, care for families and children, but their lack of action on a jobs bill shows their real concern.  The Republicans just don't care.

With so many unemployed in our country, why did the Republican leader of the House, Eric Cantor,  schedule so few work days in 2013, and even less in 2014? The Republicans are only concerned about their own jobs, fundraising for their re-election campaigns, and keeping their right wing base happy. The GOP doesn't care about the middle class.