Monday, February 03, 2014

More Pay-to-Play in Ohio?

Ohio might have another scandal.


Ohio Democratic candidate for Attorney General David Pepper said Monday that a pattern of contributions to Attorney General Mike DeWine's campaign shows the office is embroiled in a "pay-to-play" scheme that jeopardizes the integrity of the office.

Pepper said Monday, if elected, he would list all attorneys and firms doing contract work for the state on the attorney general's website to make the process of hiring outside counsel more transparent and easier to see whether firms are receiving work in exchange for campaign contributions.

"That's one of the key ways to root out pay-to-play -- we know who's doing the work," Pepper, a former Hamilton County commissioner and Cincinnati councilman, told reporters. "Right now that is a multi-month homework assignment to figure that out."

Plunderbund has more on this Mike DeWine story:

 Dayton Daily News reporters Laura Bischoff and Jackie Borchardt dropped a bombshell about a brewing pay-to-play scandal in Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office in yesterday’s paper....

...Meanwhile, law firms seeking work with the AG’s office have donated $1.3 million to DeWine, the ORP and Mike DeWine’s son, Hamilton County Appellate Court Judge Pat DeWine....

....In another case, lawyers from Keating Muething & Klekamp, a law firm both DeWine and his son had previously worked for,  gave $7,000 to DeWine a week after they submitted their application. These guys also got a contract with AG DeWine....

Sounds very interesting!  Will the U.S. Attorney investigate Mike DeWine?