Friday, February 28, 2014

You cannot eat what Kasich is selling!

In his last state of the state speech, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said he wanted a "more hopeful" Ohio (ToledoBlade).  Kasich is trying to sell hope, but 'hope' doesn't pay your mortgage, put food on the table, or clothe the children. It is just a bunch of nothingness coming out of his mouth because he cannot deliver the jobs he promised. 

Democratic candidate for Ohio governor, Ed FitzGerald, explains how those at the top are reaping the rewards of Kasich's tax cuts.


...You have a group at the top that is doing very, very well and keeps doing better and better and better, and you have a whole lot of people that are stuck at the bottom,” FitzGerald told an audience of about 80 people. “I’m not suggesting that Gov. Kasich created that situation, but what I am saying is that he’s aggravating the situation.”

FitzGerald cited income tax cuts championed by Kasich and approved by the Republican-majority Legislature. The wealthiest 1 percent of Ohioans, earning at least $335,000 annually in 2012, received about a $6,000 annual tax cut, according to Policy Matters Ohio, a liberal think tank. Those earning between $33,000 and $51,000 received a $5 annual tax cut, while those earning less than $33,000 received a $24 tax cut....

Would an extra $5 (42 cents/mo.) or $24 ($2/mo.) make a difference? This explains how the income gap in Ohio has only widened under Kasich.