Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ohio's Latest News

A new poll from PPP shows that the races for Ohio governor and state secretary of state are tightening.  Democrat Ed Fitzgerald is tied with current Gov. Kasich, while Democrat Nina Turner leads Jon Husted by one point in the latest PPP poll.

There could be various reason why so many people are turning against Ohio Republicans. Kasich has signed restrictive laws on women's rights, school funding, access to voting, and stands in opposition to marriage equality.

Republican Jon Husted continues to go out of his way to cut voting days and hours, and make it as inconvenient as possible for people to vote.

Ohio voters are becoming more aware of the results of budget cuts that Kasich has made to counties/cities, and schools districts. Communities have had to lay off firefighters and police officers. Counties have had budget cuts that make it nearly impossible to fund road repairs. School districts have had to make cuts in teacher personnel and school programs. The only entities making out under Kasich are the CEO's that own charter schools.

>>> Plunderbund has a very interesting post on how Kasich could be misleading citizens on donations to his campaign.

For the past few months, John Kasich’s campaign has been running deceitful ads trying to convince his supporters that a donation to John Kasich in 2014 can be used for a tax credit on 2013 tax filings.

This is a lie....

....Ohio law clearly states that only money donated in 2013 can be used for a deduction in 2014.   But that hasn’t stopped Kasich from running the ads suggesting otherwise.....

If you really want to be in the know on Ohio politics, you must read Plunderbund.