Monday, April 21, 2014

No miracle

According to a post at DailyKos, NBC News has been trying to figure out why no one is watching Meet The Press with David Gregory. I'm not a psychologist or a media specialist but I can explain the demise of Meet the Press with these simple letters:

T M O W R M  =  Too Many Old White Republican Men

Nothing says your program is irrelevant if the same old John McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc. are guests every single Sunday. Watching soft ball questions, and hearing the same old talking points does nothing to increase our knowledge. No one cares what these out of touch, wealthy, aged men think.

It has been several years since I watched Meet the Press. The last time I watched Meet the Press Rachel Maddow was a guest panelist. Needless to say, Maddow did a remarkable job explaining the truth to the conservatives.

** Poverty is growing.  Even though Republican Rep. Paul Ryan still believes that the wealthy need more tax breaks, the information about the country's poor is the reality. Check out the Poverty Map and you can discover the percentage of poor people in each county.  Only 9 of Ohio's 88 counties  have poverty levels below 10% (click on Percentage Below Poverty Line at Poverty Map). The rest of Ohio has poverty levels between 10.2 % to 33.3%

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican, claims that there is an "Ohio miracle" of economic growth and jobs. There is NO "Ohio miracle" with this display of facts provided by the Poverty Map.