Friday, May 02, 2014

Kasich's War on Minimum Wage Workers

If you live in Ohio, you are well aware of Gov. John Kasich's attempt to block the rights of workers with his push for SB5. Unfortunately, that was not Kasich's only move to go after the hardworking people in Ohio.


Republicans in the Ohio State Senate are pushing to weaken a minimum wage law that was enshrined in the state’s Constitution in 2006.

A provision in the Ohio Senate GOP’s omnibus budget measure aims to raise the eligibility requirements for beneficiaries of the constitutional amendment establishing the state’s minimum wage at $6.85 per hour, slated to rise annually alongside inflation. The state’s minimum wage has since been higher than the federal minimum wage.....

...By narrowing the parameters of the constitutional amendment, Ohio’s Legislative Service Commission concludes that the bill “[m]ay result in fewer individuals subject to the minimum wage.”

And then there is this 2010 item from the DaytonDailyNews:

Republican John Kasich said Friday that he would rescind two executive orders signed by Gov. Ted Strickland that authorized home- health care and day-care workers to unionize.

“I don’t like that provision. That executive order is probably toast. We will reverse that,” Kasich said...

John Kasich just doesn't give a damn for hardworking Ohioans.


****  Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's attempts to demonize the poor and those living in inner cities continues.....


On Wednesday, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) will hold a hearing on poverty called “A Progress Report on the War on Poverty: Lessons from the Frontlines.” While it will feature three experts, none of them are actually low-income Americans who struggle to get by.

But that’s not for lack of trying from some poor people themselves. Witnesses to Hunger, an advocacy project that shares the stories of low-income Americans, has tried and failed twice to have some of their members who live in poverty speak at Ryan’s poverty hearings. “When Ryan had his first hearing last July,” Director Mariana Chilton told ThinkProgress, “we wrote to his office to see if we could testify, but they weren’t interested.” While Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) tried to get one of their low-income members to speak, it was too late. They were asked to submit written testimony instead....

Paul Ryan and his Ayn Rand philosophy continues to get in the way of all Americans struggling to support their families. (This reminds me of another goofy House Republican hearing when the topic was women's health care, but there were no women on the panel of witnesses.)