Monday, July 21, 2014


* Wages are flat in Ohio. It appears the only people making money are those friends of Kasich's that are getting millions of dollars from JobsOhio.

Plunderbund notes that Kasich & Co. are intermixing job commitments with real new job numbers:

...Job commitments are not Jobs.  Job announcements are not Jobs.
Jobs are jobs.
Right now Ohio ranks 38th in job growth nationally and we’ve had 19 straight months of job growth below the national average.  The jobs we have recovered pay less than the ones we lost.  And we found out this morning that unemployment claims in Ohio jumped last week, despite a decrease nationally.  For the week ending July 5th, Ohio ranked third in the nation for new initial unemployment claims....

Promises are made to be broken and those job 'promises' have not all produced real jobs.

* Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine appears to have established a 'pay to play' program that benefits his friends and contributors. Plunderbund has written a number of posts covering the scandals surround DeWine's office.


....DeWine’s political allies also get special treatment.    Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonadakis received  special access to DeWine after Gonadakis used his organization to promote DeWine during the 2010 election.   Gonadakis was later invited for personal meetings with DeWine to discuss securities contracts.  Gonadakis’s lobbying business grew nearly 10 fold after DeWine took office.

Phil Burress, the anti-gay activist who heads up Citizens for Community Values (CCV), also helped DeWine woo social conservatives in the last election.  Burress’s daughter, a lawyer who also donated to DeWine’s campaign, later received lucrative special counsel contracts from DeWine’s office....

...This week we found out that lawyers, lobbyists and firms seeking work from DeWine have another avenue for funneling boatloads of cash to him: through his favorite charity.  Hands Together Inc. operates a school in Haiti named after DeWine’s deceased daughter.     The AP reports that donations raised by DeWine for the group have doubled since he took office.  “The donations show how companies or attorneys who seek to influence DeWine can find creative ways to do so,” writes the AP....

Tell your friends and family about this disgusting activity going on in DeWine's office.