Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Dirty Details

There have been numerous reports of problems with the food service in Ohio's prisons. Plunderbund has more details:

...when reports of maggots in prison food, on kitchen equipment and in serving lines made headlines, the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association, the union representing the majority of Department Rehabilitation and Correction employees, said the maggots “are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of contract infractions being committed by Aramark.”

Christopher Mabe, OCSEA President, offered testimony at a Statehouse hearing that shined a light on unsafe working conditions that have developed since food-service contractor giant “Aramark” started delivering prison food. OCSEA’s leader also said that because of the Philadelphia-based company’s contract infractions so far, DR&C has to add resources to supplement the contract.

Testifying before the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee in downtown Columbus, Mabe said nearly 100 Aramark employees have been banned from ever entering a DR&C prison, more than 100 instances of food shortages and issues ranging from increased contraband, to low staffing levels, to inappropriate relationships, a combination of factors that lead to the inescapable conclusion that Aramark never had control of the contract....

For even more unsavory morsels, read the entire post at Plunderbund.