Thursday, July 06, 2006

Taft Hopes You'll Forget the GOP Failures

Ohio Gov. Bob Taft and the Republicans hope that Ohioans will forget that they've screwed up. Taft and the Republicans want you to forget that

*they've chased away new jobs.
*they've been involved in the largest political scandals of this state's history ("Coingate").
*they've traded political money for state contracts.
*they've still not come up with a fair school funding program.
*they've allowed votes to go uncounted.
*they've let Blackwell play with people's right to vote.
*they've lost millions of dollars in the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.
*they've been total failures.

Instead, Taft and the GOP want to give you a tax cut so that you'll support their corrupt political party. Taft and the GOP thinks we will forget how they mismanaged our tax money.

We will not forget and we blame Taft and the Republicans.