Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You need to know

Found at Buckeye State Blog:
Deborah Pryce has now voted AGAINST the minimum wage SEVEN times
in the last month including again yesterday when she voted to dismiss a move by Rep. George Miller to increase the min wage by $2.10 from $5.15 to $7.25/hour over a two year period. [H.R. 2389, H.R. 2429, Vote # 382, 7/19/06]

Have you seen this picture of Pryce, her pal President Bush, and the rest of the Republicans having a good old time when they sign the tax cuts for the rich? You haven't?

The documentary about The Lima Company had a screening. Among the the crowd was Pryce (Akron Beacon Journal):
...Rep. Deborah Pryce, a loyal member of the GOP leadership that endorsed the war, is embroiled in a tough race against an anti-war Democrat....
...Pryce's opponent back in central Ohio, Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy, said the Republican administration has not allowed Americans to see the true nature of the war....

I guess the conclusion for this would be that if you like war, like to pay for war without questioning policies, and like to remain stupid about the human costs for the war, you'd vote for Pryce. However, if you want to end the war built on a lie (no WMD's), end the cover up about the deaths, destruction, and costs, you'll vote for Kilroy.

Why does Deborah Pryce support the blocking of pictures of our flag-draped caskets returning from Iraq? What doesn't she want you to know? Just asking.