Friday, August 25, 2006

I'll Make This Simple

If you live in Ohio, you've seen Republican Sen. Mike DeWine's latest political ad. Did he mention he is a Republican or did that sort of get covered up? If you are confused by this ad, allow me to make the truth clear and simple:

1. Mike DeWine is a Republican.
2. Mike DeWine supports the policies of the Bush administration.
3. Mike DeWine likes being part of the Republican gang in Washington.
4. Mike DeWine has done nothing to bring jobs to Ohio. The current unemployment rate in Ohio is 5.8%.
5. If you like the Iraq war, support the continuation of the war, want to continue to spent $1 billion/per month in Iraq, vote for Mike DeWine.

However, if you think it is time to change the course of this nation and spend some money at home for our people, vote for Sherrod Brown.