Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Talking Points

1. The Ohio State Football Buckeyes are attracting a lot of attention for the coming season. The Columbus Dispatch has a story about the team HERE.

2. Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted, Republican, said he would have considered raising the minimum wage but no one asked. Really? No one asked?

I've heard that Husted, has demanded that all projects designated for his district get fast approval. His demands are being met. Some state government officials are tripping over themselves to cater to Husted's every desire. Is this another example of Ohio's culture of corruption?

3. Republican Rep. Bob Ney, sushi-holic best pal of Jack Abramoff, has not put any additional money toward his defense fund. Does he think he is off the hook? The Dispatch has a story.

4. The Chamber of Commerce ad that supports pro-business Republicans has had to alter the ads are not totally true. HERE

5. Democratic candidate for Ohio governor, Ted Strickland, has released his tax returns to the public and the press. Republican Blackwell has refused reporters' demands for his returns. Does he have something to hide??????

6. Confirmed U.S. Deaths in Iraq: 2577.