Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Notes from a snowy day in central Ohio.....

A most incredible woman has passed away.

Miep Gies, who helped Anne Frank and her family avoid capture by the Nazis for more than two years and safeguarded the young Holocaust victim's famous diary for posterity, has died at age 100....

In that horrible time, Miep Gies showed courage in protecting and hiding Anne Frank and others. She stood up and did what was right in the face of tremendous odds. There is additional information at the Miep Gies website.

>>>> Those Wall Street bankers are getting ready for their bonuses. Somehow it just seems obscene and unethical for these bankers to get bonuses when their banks have not paid back the federal government.

* * * The Detroit Auto Show has some interesting cars. The Tango is creating a lot of buzz:
(pic from Greatgreengadgets.com)

The car is only 36 inches wide and is electric.

* I might be the last person to see the picture below, but I had to share it. The picture below is from
BuckeyePunditeers. I think it is worth looking at and reading the post by BuckeyePunditeers.