Monday, January 25, 2010

Too Many Questions!!!!!!

A story about Dayton, Ohio, has made the New York Times. However, the NYTimes article does not provide all the information about how NCR's move out of Dayton was missed by the bigshots in the city.


...NCR stunned the city of its birth with the news that it was moving its world headquarters to suburban Atlanta....

...Jon Husted, an Ohio state senator, came away from the meeting feeling angry and frustrated. “They already knew they were leaving,” he said....

.....NCR is now settling its affairs. It is leaving its archives here, as well as a data center that some company workers will continue to run. But of the 1,200 employees who were here in June, more than half have retired, resigned or been released. The company will not say how many were offered jobs in Georgia, or how many accepted.....

Jon Husted, who supposedly represents Kettering, seemed to be oblivious to what was going on with NCR. Husted, who lives with his family in Upper Arlington, Ohio, but "resides" in Kettering for "voting purposes" obviously has been out of the loop for far too long. Husted has spent time traveling between Kettering, his family home in Arlington, his director job with the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, and visiting every Ohio county GOP club for his run for higher office in Ohio. Looks to me like Husted has been spending too much time on the road and not enough time working and helping the people of Kettering and Dayton.

I just wonder how the people of Dayton vote for these Republicans over and over again, yet Dayton still gets nothing. Why aren't the people of Dayton benefiting from the Husteds, Boehners, and the rest of the right wing of the Ohio GOP? These Ohio GOPers get their political donations from people doing business in the Dayton area, but Dayton remains an orphan city in the state.

**** Husted has $2 million for his campaign, according to the Pullins Report.

According to the Ohio Secretary of State Campaign Finance search page, Husted has received boatloads of money from certain people:

(1) Members of the Brennan family, owners/operators of White Hat Management (largest charter schools in the state), contributed $22,600 (on 6/9/2009), $20,000 (on 9/26/2008)...
If Husted was elected Ohio Secretary of State, how would the owner of White Hat Management charter schools benefit?

(2) Employees/directors of First Energy have contributed $56,000 to Husted...
If Husted was elected Ohio Secretary of State, how would First Energy benefit?

(3) What is the relationship between Husted and Oberer Development/Construction? Oberer people have been major contributors to various Husted campaigns, and the company just happens to get a majority of the construction jobs in Husted's district. Oberer did all the work for the Dayton Metropolitan Housing Authority plus a no-bid contract for them for $500,000. How did that happen?

(4) How did the Austin Pike project even get funding when it wasn't even on the (ODOT) Ohio Department of Transportation tract? How did Husted exert pressure to get this project done? How is it that the Oberer people who got the construction job for the Austin Pike project also happen to own property around the development area? How did that happen???