Friday, January 15, 2010


While Republicans are jumping all over themselves with the recent announcement of a running mate by Republican John Kasich, others are puzzled. Here are some things to ponder:

* Why would the Ohio GOP withdraw their best bet for statewide re-election to help a right-leaning, tea party courting candidate like Kasich?

* Why did the politically conservative Columbus Dispatch basically bury the Kasich announcement in this morning's newspaper? Are the editors/owners trying to show their disapproval of the Kasich-Taylor ticket?

* Republican Kasich's cockamamie idea to end the state income tax would definitely bankrupt the state and cause the demise of public school funding, library support, statewide maintenance of roads, and at the very least, cause the firing of possibly 20,000 state employees. Does Kasich plan to sell off the state assets to raise money?

* Republican Kasich's former job as a managing director of the now bankrupt Lehman Brothers clearly puts him on the side of bankers and high profile investors. Does it matter to Ohioans that USAToday and financial experts believe that the "...Lehman Bros. collapse triggered economic turmoil..."? Why hasn't Kasich released his tax returns?

We'll be watching for answers to these questions.