Friday, May 03, 2013

Do boycotts work?

Here is some good news---
DailyKos has the details:

Clear Channel, the parent company of nationally boycotted radio host, Rush Limbaugh, is feeling the Bain – I mean the pain. Yesterday after the stock market closed, the media giant released its 1st quarter earnings report, showing a tremendous loss.
Wall Street Journal, May 3, 2012: CC Clear Channel …reported a loss of $203 million, versus a year-ago loss of $143.6 million. (The Limbaugh boycotts began last year in the first quarter)  Revenue fell 1.3% to $1.34 billion. Revenue from media and entertainment, the company's largest segment, was down 2.2%, Operating expenses dropped 3.5%.
Clear Channel Media, is the vehicle used by private-equity firms Bain Capital LLC.
*To see full Wall Street Report: and scroll down to: News for Clear Channel: CC Media, Clear Channel Outdoor See 1st-Quarter Losses Widen Sharply

What? Does this mean that racism, sexism, and arrogance are being boycotted? I certainly hope so.

>> Do you read food labels?

ABC News:

First there were 20,000 dead pigs floating down the Huangpu River, a main source of water for Shanghai. That was followed by thousands of dead ducks in the Nanhe River in the southwest province of Sichuan.
Now the Ministry of Public Safety says today online that it has apprehended meat traders in eastern China who were passing rat off as lamb. The police took in 63 suspects accused in selling more than $1.6 million of rat as lamb....

There is more information here: Food sources.