Friday, May 10, 2013

Voting Against Wishes of Constituents

Why am I not surprised about this latest controversy surrounding Sen. Kelly Ayotte?

Sen. Ayotte recently voted against background checks for gun purchases, even though people in her state support those kinds of checks. There is a new ad that defends Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

Think Progress:

As Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) battles public outcry over her vote to kill a bipartisan amendment expanding background checks for gun purchases, a national conservative group based in Iowa is running television ads featuring seemingly ordinary New Hampshire moms and law enforcement officials defending the one-term senator from out-of-state “partisan” attacks. 

But the American Future Fund appeared unable to find voters who agree with Ayotte’s position, as a cursory search of individuals in the advertisement reveals that the supposedly typical New Hampshirites are actually long-time Republican party activists and officials. Polls show that 91 percent of New Hampshire adults support expanded screenings.....

Think Progress has identified all those in the ad as people with strong ties to the Republican party machine in New Hampshire. What? No ordinary citizens support Ayotte's pro-NRA stance? Senators Ayotte, Rob Portman, and the rest (see Mother Jones link) should be ashamed of going against the wishes of their constituents, while they support the NRA.