Thursday, May 02, 2013

Facts and Figures

If the federal government manages the presidential archives, how will the federal libraries handle the obvious re-write of history going on at the newly-opened President George W. Bush Library?


...In the newly commissioned George W. Bush Presidential Library on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, a peculiar display has the political world buzzing. 

In this display, called “Decision Points,” participants play a game where they’re forced to make the same decisions President Bush did. On the issue of Iraq, there’s even a wholly new video message from the former president, who comes out when participants choose not to invade the country...

...Video of the exhibit shows what Maddow called “contemporary George W. Bush, recently, still making the case for invading Iraq.” He even cites “the weight of evidence” that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, and the “consensus of the world” to depose him — both of which were and still are fabrications....

The Bushies are still pushing their lies.

>> You might be interested in a little problem that has developed for Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell----

Virginia's Governor is on the defensive in the midst of an FBI investigation. 

The agency wants to know more about his relationship with Star-Scientific, after the company's CEO gave $15,000 to help pay for Bob McDonnell's daughter's wedding; it was a gift that the Governor did not report...

For more on Gov. Bob "transvaginal probe" McDonnell from TPM:

...Here are some of the story’s key facts and figures:
$15,000: Amount of money Williams reportedly paid to foot the bill for the food at the June 2011 wedding of Bob and Maureen McDonnell’s daughter Cailin. The wedding was held at Virginia’s Executive Mansion, and the menu featured poached jumbo shrimp, bruschetta, and stuffed chicken breast. McDonnell did not disclose the gift. A McDonnell spokesman told the Post in March that as the money was a gift to the governor’s daughter, and not to the governor, Virginia law did not require him to report it.

158: Miles between Smith Mountain Lake, southeast of Roanoke, Va., and Richmond, Va. In July 2011, the McDonnell family enjoyed a (disclosed) vacation at Williams’ Smith Mountain Lake house. According to the Post, they drove back to Richmond in Williams’ Ferrari. 

$120,000: Publicly disclosed campaign donations given by Williams and Star Scientific to McDonnell and his political action committee....

There is plenty of additional information related to Bob McDonnell at TPM.

We have two daughters and my husband and I paid for both of their weddings. If one of us was the governor of Virginia, we might have saved a lot of money if we had followed Bob McDonnell's example.