Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Republican Sen. Ted Cruz was born in Canada and has dual citizenship. Even though Cruz says he renounces his Canadian citizenship, it will take some paper work and several months.


(Cruz) He's still a Canadian. And while he may want to renounce his citizenship, the process could take a long time:

Senator Cruz may have to wait eight months to stop being Canadian Senator Ted Cruz, who recently discovered that he is likely a Canadian, must win security clearance from Canada's spy agency, fill in a four-page form and then wait up to eight months to sever his ties to America's northern neighbor.
Oh, also too, he needs to pay Canada $100 (in their currency) in order to give up his citizenship. Really, it's a win-win situation for our neighbors to the north: Not only do they get to dump their association with Cruz, they get paid to do it. 

There you go.


>>>> A new PPP Poll has Ohio Republicans a little worried:

PPP's newest Ohio Governor poll finds a toss up race, with Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald holding a slight lead over John Kasich at 38/35. 

The closeness of the race is more of a reflection on Kasich than FitzGerald. He has a negative approval rating with 42% of voters approving of him to 47% who disapprove....

.....-On the other side of the spectrum it's clear that Josh Mandel did a lot of damage to himself in his Senate campaign last year. Our final poll of that contest found him with a 36/50 favorability rating, and he hasn't done much to rehabilitate his image since then. Only 30% of voters approve of the job he's doing as Treasurer to 41% who disapprove, and he trails 40/35 in a head to head with challenger Connie Pillich....

Kasich's approval rating will continue to go down. What has Kasich given us?
Here is a short list:
  Kasich and his Republicans have 
-   passed restrictions on women's access to reproductive health and clinics. Cut aid to to Planned Parenthood, which primarily serves low income women for cancer screenings, Pap tests, etc.
-   stopped most transparency in his administration.
-   allowed JobsOhio activities and those of directors to operate in complete secrecy, without any oversight.
-   forced an Ohio EPA water safety expert to resign, while contributions from coal firms pile up for Kasich and GOP candidates.
-   has appointed mostly white males to heads of departments.
-   Kasich and the GOP pushed SB5/Issue 2 to limit the rights of workers.