Thursday, August 08, 2013

Playing With YOUR Money

Information  about the super secret JobsOhio controversy has been posted on Daily Kos. Here is a short excerpt from DailyKos:

You've heard of JobsOhio, right? It's the public-private outfit Gov. John Kasich formed that gives Ohio tax dollars to private companies that "promise" to create jobs. Gov. Kasich loves to talk about it. 

But he's not telling you the whole story. Last week, the Dayton Daily News broke the news that six of nine JobsOhio board members personally benefit from the special incentives given out. That's right, these Kasich-appointed board members are invested in companies that receive JobsOhio tax breaks. And even Kasich is padding his pockets from JobsOhio, receiving compensation from a company that got public funding.

There's a reason students aren't allowed to grade their own tests, why pitchers aren't allowed to call their own strikes, and why you wouldn't let Al Capone guard the bank vault. Why wouldn't that same principal apply to the public's money as well?.....

Is everyone getting a cut of the action at JobsOhio except the taxpayers?