Friday, August 16, 2013

Ohio Jobs Picture Sad

Although Republicans and Gov. John Kasich call the employment picture in Ohio as as "miracle," it is just a lot of malarkey.


The economic recovery in Ohio is officially over.

Despite inheriting a State that was both hardest hit and fastest to recover from the Great Recession before he took office, Gov. John Kasich has fumbled the recovery.  As we noted, most the jobs gained since Kasich took office occurred in 2011 and early 2012 before most of his policies took effect.  Naturally, this has lead to the Ohio and national press corps to start speculating on Governor Kasich running for President....

...Ohio’s unemployment rate stayed at 7.2% as the unemployment rate nationally dropped .2% last month.  The only “miracle” in Ohio’s economic news last month is that Ohio’s unemployment rate didn’t go up.  But over the past twelve months, Ohio’s unemployment rate hasn’t moved.  Like, at all.    And the trendlines over the past months strongly suggest there’s far greater pressure that will drive Ohio’s unemployment rate up than down. 

For the THIRD consecutive month in a row, the number of unemployed Ohioans grew.... 

Kasich's "miracle" job recovery is not happening. People are still losing jobs. A quick look at ODJFS Warn Notices shows more layoffs ahead including 31 at General Dynamics in Springboro.