Tuesday, March 04, 2014


If you have no agenda, and just want to waste time until the next election, what do you do? Here is a hint.......


House Republicans haven't really gotten the hang of that whole making health care law thing, but they sure have perfected the voting to tear it down bit.
House Republicans are poised to reach a new milestone as they gear up for their 50th vote to repeal or dismantle Obamacare. "You know what they say: 50th time is the charm," mocked President Barack Obama.
The House is set to vote Wednesday on a bill by Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) to effectively delay the individual mandate for one year by reducing the penalty in 2014 for not buying insurance from $95 to $0. (Inclement weather in Washington could conceivably delay the bill further.)

Awful. The Republicans are a bunch of clueless idiots who are unable and unwilling to consider the lives of millions of Americans.  The GOP has no agenda except to oppose President Obama and the middle class.