Friday, March 14, 2014

'altered sworn statements'

What the heck is going on in the Ohio Department of Natural Resources? Read this article and note the words 'altered sworn statements'.

There is too much secrecy and backroom deals going on in the administration of Gov. John Kasich. We can't see the information about JobsOhio. Some of the records involving drilling in the state have been held back. Kasich has flip flopped on fracking in state parks, even though the Ohio Dept. of Transportation, ODNR, and the Dept. of Administrative Services have been working on getting state owned property fracked since Kasich took office. Women's rights over the own bodies have been changed. The GOP and Kasich are involved in voter suppression. Ohio's public schools are being robbed of funding so that poorly performing charter schools can continue, and their owners can get richer.....

It is time to let Kasich retire from office.  A vote for Ed FitzGerald is a vote to end this corruption in Ohio.