Wednesday, March 19, 2014


You really have to give to the Republicans for the lies they continue to spew!

>>> Reince Priebus, the GOP chair, said the following:


....Priebus told MSNBC's Chuck Todd that voters thought Mitt Romney had the better presidential chops.
"I mean, the fact of the matter is Mitt Romney won on the message," Priebus said. "He won on jobs, he won on the economy, he won on the question of, 'Who do you actually think would make a better president?' But where he lost was on the question of, 'Who cares about you?'"
Exit poll data throws doubt on those claims. Voters were pretty much evenly divided on the question of who would handle the economy better, with Romney edging President Obama by 1 percent....

I guess Mr. Priebus has forgotten that President Obama won re-election by a significant number, and that is all that matters. It doesn't really matter what Priebus says because the Republican Party continues to be wrong on issues involving women's rights, supporting public schools, feeding poor children, immigration, and taking care of our elderly.

>>>> Ohio Gov. John Kasich seems to go out of his way to insult teachers, police officers, fire fighters, nurses, and now guidance counselors.  Joe Vardon of the Columbus Dispatch has been following Kasich around the state and he caught this gem and posted it on Twitter:

Kasich: "We need to make sure these guidance counselors aren’t just in there monitoring the lunch room"

Now all those school counselors in Ohio know what Gov. Kasich thinks of your work with children. As one person noted, do you think Kasich would say that to the guidance counselors at Chardon High School?

*** Where are the jobs in Ohio? Gov. Kasich continues to brag about job numbers but there are still over 400,000 people out of work in Ohio and the layoffs continue (see ODJFS). Since the beginning of 2014, twenty companies have announced layoffs (Warn Notices).

Crain's has an editorial in which Gov. Kasich is called a "tax shifter" ---

Gov. John Kasich likes to portray himself as a tax-cutting crusader. It is a misleading representation. He is more an illusionist, a master of taxation sleight of hand. 

The reality is, the governor is a tax shifter. He is adept at transferring the burden of taxation from one party to another while giving the appearance of reducing taxes. Shifting the load is how he can balance a state budget that grows year after year even as he beats the drum for lower individual income tax rates.....

....And what of the local governments and schools that felt the budget pain that the state passed down to them? The loss of state support has meant fewer police officers and teachers, less general fund money to fix potholes, and cuts to academic programs and extracurricular activities.....

While the rich get more tax cuts, and corporations get massive financial incentives, parents and homeowners are facing more school levies and local tax increases to pay for education and fire/police services. This is no way to run a state!

>>>  Did you know that in the state of Ohio a rapist can sue his victim for parental rights if she gives birth? Huffington Post covered this. The law to change this idiocy has been stalled in the Ohio legislature. It is time for the Republican-controlled Senate and House to pass the legislation to prevent further attacks on a rape victim.

>>>> Did you know that Republican Greg Abbott of Texas is against equal pay for women in his state?  Although we are aware that Gov. Kasich pays his female staff members less that their male counterparts, it would be great if a media person to get the governor's views on equal pay for women.

*** Why does Sen. John McCain want another war? Haven't we had enough? Most Americans don't care what McCain thinks.  We are still involved in Afghanistan, and helping our wounded vets. We do not need another invasion.