Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bush Approval Low

CBS News has some new poll numbers regarding President's approval rating. According to the CBS poll:
****Bush's Job Approval

This is amazing! People are very unhappy with the war and the increasing fatalities, the lies, the scandals, the response to Hurricane Katrina, among other things. Cheney's approval rating is at 19%. If things do not improve, the next three years could be a mess for all of us. If things don't improve for the President and his Republican Party, the 2006 election could prove to be a nightmare for the GOP. Democrats need to get ready to begin agressive campaigns.

Here is an excerpt from the story:
CBS News political correspondent Gloria Borger says that with a low approval rating, the president should not expect any help in Congress.

"There are 80 house seats up for grabs and they will not line up behind an unpopular president," Borger said. "They need to get re-elected and George Bush does not."