Sunday, November 06, 2005

Corzine and Kaine

Senator Corzine has done a fine job representing New Jersey in the Senate, and now he has a chance to really make a difference in New Jersey. Senator Corzine has been a strong advocate for Homeland Security and issues that can make a difference in the daily life of his constituents. I hope the people of New Jersey recognize the real leadership that Corzine can provide.

Tim Kaine's candidacy got a boost with a well-written editorial. Here is an excerpt:
Mr. Kaine, the lieutenant governor, would continue most of Mr. Warner's sensible policies, while Mr. Kilgore, the former attorney general, is likely to reverse key ones. That should give Mr. Kaine the edge. But in a Republican-tilting state, the candidates are running neck and neck. Whatever their party affiliation, Virginians of the political center should bear in mind that Mr. Kaine offers a path forward, while Mr. Kilgore represents a return to the past...

...This race isn't a hard call. Mr. Kilgore is a pleasant fellow, down to earth and politically shrewd. But the bottom line is what he represents: old-style, doctrinaire, unimaginative, cramped governance that would leave the state stalled in neutral, at best. Mr. Kaine -- forthright, proactive, inclusive, brimming with energy -- is a far better candidate possessed of much clearer vision. He alone has the potential for excellence.