Thursday, September 21, 2006

DeWine and Voinovich

Have you seen the ad about the body armor? Mike DeWine and George Voinovich also voted against the better body armor. Why do they hate our vets? Don't believe me? See the voting record here where DeWine and Voinovich voted yes, which stopped the improved body armor from getting to our troops. I wonder how many of our troops died because DeWine and Voinovich followed the Republican party line?

An article in the Contra Costa Times shows that Republicans are making a concerted effort to keep our focus off their scandals. The GOP wants to talk about taxes instead of their corruption, bribes, and scandals.

With Republican Rep. Bob Ney's guilty plea still fresh on our minds, we find that the Hamilton County Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services has somehow misspent $1.7 billion. Our Republican state auditor, Betty Montgomery, is still trying to explain how this happened under her watch.

How much more can Ohioans take from the corrupt Republicans? Our completely corrupt state government, which has been mismanaged by the GOP and our Rubber Stamp Corrupt U.S. Congress, have hurt us all. It is time to tell the Republicans (with apologies to Mr. Trump), "You're fired!"