Friday, September 08, 2006

Women and Men Abandoning Their Support of Bush

The Lake Sun Leader has information from the latest Gallup Poll. Here is an excerpt from the poll:

...The latest Gallup Poll, however, shows that the gender gap has virtually disappeared and that Bush receives just 43 percent support from males and 41 percent among women. Fifty-four percent of both men and women disapprove of his performance.

When voters were asked whether they are satisfied with the way things are going in the country, 60 percent of men aged 18 to 49 said they were dissatisfied, and 73 percent of men over 50 said so -- about the level for all women.

In Gallup's August generic Congressional ballot test, women leaned Democratic by a margin of 49 percent to 40 percent, while men -- traditionally a more Republican-oriented group -- split nearly even at 47 percent Republican, 46 percent Democratic. And older men split 51 percent Republican to 46 percent Democratic....

Here is another excerpt from the Lake Sun Leader:

...Right now, polls, the pundit consensus and the estimates of both Democratic experts and some Republicans all suggest that GOP rule in the House will end, conceivably with a Democratic pickup of 30 seats -- double what's needed....

We continue to be cautiously optimistic for a Democratic sweep.

******UPDATE: From Fire Dog Lake about ABC's Path to 9/11:

This is NO time to let up pressure. In fact, this is the time to go at it even harder. Call Disney at 1-818-560-1000 or 1-818-460-7477. Call ABC at 1-212-456-7777 or 1-818-560-1000. Please be polite, but firm, regarding why you find lying to the public about 9/11 to be offensive.

You can find more information on action steps that you can take here, here and here.

(H/T to "RG" for the e-mail tip.)

UPDATE: You can also e-mail Robert Iger: Please be polite.

UPDATE #2: The DNC is collecting signatures to be delivered to Robert Iger later today asking that the film be yanked. Please add your signature here.