Thursday, September 07, 2006



ABC will be broadcasting a two part mini-series on their interpretation of the events surrounding 9/11. Materials have been sent to your schools and districts. However, you should also be aware that the drama was written by a conservative Republican who has put the blame for 9/11 at the feet of the Clinton administration. Events have been manufactured in order to blame Clinton instead of the administration of George W. Bush. ABC has even gone so far as to refuse to provide pre-broadcast materials to President Clinton and members of his staff. They have, however, given videos to conservative Republican pundits.

I am a former teacher and I know that teachers can do something about this. Contact your local, state, and national teacher associations (NEA and AFTA) and let them know you want them to stop the distribution of these inaccurate materials to schools. Go directly to your principal and let him/her know about the political slant to the teaching materials that have been sent to your school. Warn your students ahead of time that the TV show has lots of fictional events.

Also, contact your local ABC television station and the ABC network. Let them know about your disappointment about this mini-series. Tell them that you plan to boycott the sponsors for the program because of the distortions and lies contained in the broadcast.

Pass this information to other teachers, especially those teaching history or social studies.

A Former Teacher in Ohio

***If you need more information, check out the following sources:
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From Daily Kos---Contact Scholastic Magazine and tell them you will boycott their products for putting out lies and distortions into the schools concerning 9/11:

Investor Relations

Corporate Communications
(Kyle Good’s office)

Update: On MSNBC right now: Roger Cressey talks about 'The Path to 9/11'--- ABC has made things up about events. Here is what Cressey had to say about the program as reported at Truth Out:
Roger Cressy, National Security Council senior director for counterterrorism in the period 1999-2001, responded to these allegations in an article for the Washington Times in 2003. "Mr. Clinton approved every request made of him by the CIA and the U.S. military involving using force against bin Laden and al-Qaeda," wrote Cressy. "As President Bush well knows, bin Laden was and remains very good at staying hidden. The current administration faces many of the same challenges. Confusing the American people with misinformation and distortions will not generate the support we need to come together as a nation and defeat our terrorist enemies."