Friday, September 22, 2006

GOP - Trying to Change the Topic

The Republicans are trying to divert attention from their corruption scandals. They are talking about taxes. Isn't it just like the Republicans to try to change the course in the middle of something? After 9/11, Bush sent troops into Afghanistan, but then he diverted troops to Iraq. Now instead of pushing for tougher ethics, they talk about taxes.


In a local paper here in Columbus, Ohio, Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce (OH-15) suggested that people in central Ohio have another way to send a message to President Bush instead of voting her out of office. Haven't we tried to send the message to the White House? Haven't we sent e-mails, letters, and made phone calls to her office urging her to change her stance on issues???? Unfortunately, Bush isn't listening. With an approval rating of 37%, Bush hasn't altered his behavior or message on Iraq, oil, social security, the failure of No Child Left Behind, the Medicare prescription drug plan donut hole, tax cuts to the top 1%, etc. What other way can we send a message to the White House? Vote Democratic. Vote for people who will go to DC and change how things are being done.